And her name shall be…

We are pleased to announce that Little Miss Leino now has her name!  As most of you know, we’ve thought long and hard over this.  For months, it seemed every option we came across simply landed on our “Not It” list.  We scoured through books, name search engines, family trees.  Her name had to be just right: beautiful, feminine and unique with an incredible meaning.  Well…we’ve finally found it.  A Hebrew name that means “God has answered us”.  Perfect for our sweet girl:

Eliana Faith Leino


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35 responses to “And her name shall be…

  1. Megan


  2. Heather

    I think that is a perfect name!!

  3. Michelle

    Love it!! It’s so exciting, I can’t wait to meet Eliana Faith, I know she will be as beautiful as her name.

  4. I love her name, and I am getting more excited by the minute to meet her!

  5. Niki

    No fair making the postpartum mom cry!!!!

    How beautiful – we can’t wait to see Eliana in person!

  6. Sarah Speer Samek

    beautiful name – it’s perfect! i’m so happy for you guys!

  7. Amanda B.

    yaaaay!!! i’m so happy for you guys! 🙂

  8. Mary Brown

    I love it! I think it will be perfect. I’m assuming you’ve heard that Watermark song….it’s one of my favorites :o)

  9. Mary Brown

    I love it! I think it will be perfect. I’m assuming you’ve heard that Watermark song….it’s one of my favorites 🙂

  10. What a lovely name – with a wonderful meaning! X

  11. debbie

    simply beautiful….can hardly wait to meet her.

  12. Heather Hopkins

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to meet her.

  13. Caroline Fry

    That’s such a beautiful name! I love the meaning also. Can’t wait to meet Eliana Faith Leino!

  14. What a perfectly crafted name…I’m certain she will be a beautiful (and fiesty) red head like her beautiful mama!

  15. Kim

    Perfect name, it’s beautiful! I love you Jordan & Patience, and I am also getting super excited to meet this precious little girl!

  16. What a beautiful name and an even better meaning! Many blessings as your pregnancy draws to an end!

  17. Lara Keever

    Beautiful name!!

  18. beautiful! can’t wait to meet her!

    N, T & G

  19. Taneha

    Such a beautiful and precious name! I love it!

  20. Perfect, just perfect!

  21. Marcy

    I love her name! Can’t wait to meet her!

  22. Shelly

    Beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Love the meaning. Can’t wait to meet her. Enjoy those last weeks of pregnancy…

  23. Beautiful name for one who is certain to be a beautiful girl!

  24. Awww that’s beautiful!

  25. Kristina

    Perfect in every way! Can’t wait to meet her. Thanks for sharing it.

  26. Mandy Wroughton

    What a beautiful name and so special! May God continue to bless you and your family.

  27. Katie Tyler

    Love it! It’s beautiful. Nate & I are so happy for you two…can’t wait to see her beautiful smile.

  28. Beautiful! I love it!

  29. Stefani McFarland

    God has truly answered! What a beautiful name!

  30. Absolutely perfect! I couldn’t be more excited for you two.

  31. Mari Taylor

    What a beautiful name for what I am sure will be a beautiful baby girl!

  32. Dianett Garcia

    Beautiful name!

  33. Dad Roddy

    I love the name of your little lady. May God Bless and Keep you all.

    Happy belated Father’s day to Jordan and to Gary Leino andf Floyd Gilkey.


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