My Handsome Valentine

How do I love this man?  Let me count the ways…

I love his heart for the Lord – how he strives each day to know Him more and be molded by His hands.

I love his heart for those in need – how he longs to provide whatever he can for those without.   I love that his biggest dreams are for grand generosity without praise in return, but to help others dreams come true.

I love his rich brown eyes and how with just one look, he can both calm my anxious nerves and fill my heart with butterflies.

I love how Eliana lights up with a smile every time she looks at him.  I love how he’ll stop whatever he’s doing just to meet her gaze with a hug and a smile.  I love how tenderly he holds her in his ever strong arms.

I love his courage – how he doesn’t back down from a difficult decision and acts on it with strength and grace.  Since the day we met, he has never taken the coward’s road but faces each challenge head on with wisdom and prayer.

I love his brilliant mind – whether crafting a beautiful new melody or an innovative graphic, his creativity astounds me.  I love how he can create a musical masterpiece on a whim.  For being a man with astounding talent, I love how humble he is with his gifting.  It makes bragging on him so much fun! 🙂

I love that after seven years, he still makes me laugh more than anyone.  I love how he can make me smile even on the most difficult of days.

I love how he’s never too busy for a hug and always listens when something’s on my mind.  I love his discernment, his ability to look at any situation with a sound mind and a desire for the right outcome.

I love how the more I know him, the more I love him and want to grow old with him.

How I love this man!  Jordan Leino, my handsome valentine.  I would have it no other way.


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3 responses to “My Handsome Valentine

  1. Kim

    Awww! I love all three of you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. patty honeycutt


  3. Bryant

    You both are so lucky to have one another to do life with. Jordan, you are extra lucky but you knew that. 😉

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