How I Love Thee

How do I love this man?  Let me count the ways…

Jordan is a godly man.  He loves Jesus and seeks to be more like Him each day.  He respects the Word and does his best to live accordingly.  Always growing, Jordan does not see faith as a one-time event but a lifetime’s journey to know Christ more.  He seeks to live in full obedience to God, willing to take steps of faith when called to and never assumes that he has arrived.  He desires to honor God in who he is and all he does, ever ready to learn.  He is certainly not perfect, but he earnestly desires to live a life pleasing to his Savior.

Jordan is humble.  His gifts and abilities seem endless, yet he boasts in none of them.  He works hard, has successfully built a business from concept to reality, provides for his family well, plays countless instruments on a professional level, sings with strength and ease, writes incredible songs, always has our best interests at heart and yet, he seeks no praise for any of it.  He seeks godly counsel without presuming to know everything himself and is ever discerning with whatever information comes his way.  Always learning, always striving to grow, always working to be excellent…simply to be the best steward of the life he’s been given.

Jordan is strong.  Strong in heart, body and mind.  There is not a frail bone in his body.  He faces obstacles with vigor, uncertainty with courage, problems with determination and wisdom.  He never quits, never makes excuses, never settles for anything less than his best.  With Jordan, I always feel safe and secure.

Jordan is wise.  He thinks before he speaks and has the amazing ability to practically view a situation through both perspectives before making his own assessment.  He does not jump into decisions blindly but also has the courage to take great steps of faith when God calls him to it.  He seeks the Lord’s perspective through prayer and reading the Scriptures.  Jordan is a man of self-control, discipline, and deep wisdom.  He can see past the external to the true root of an issue.  He does not get hung up on a person’s behavior but rather can see through to the cause of those behaviors…and loves that person right where they are at.  When a tough decision faces him, he does not cower under its weight but rises to face it.  His thoughts are the first I seek in everything because I know he’ll always give wise advice.

Jordan is handsome.  I mean goodness…have you seen those gorgeous brown eyes and bright smile?!  Tall, dark and handsome.  And he’s all mine…  🙂

Jordan is gracious.  Quick to forgive and not one to hold a grudge, he does not air out negative opinions or the dirty laundry of others.  He would rather bite his tongue and take certain info to the grave than unjustly tear someone down with his words.  He does not always agree with people, but he always shows respect to them.  Jordan speaks the truth with love.  He has this incredible ability to say hard truths to someone – even call out sin in their life – and do it in such a way that they feel encouraged to grow, supported and better for having heard it.  Blows me away.  He does not give in to inflamed situations but rather remains calm in the midst of turmoil.  He always hopes the best for others.

Jordan loves selflessly.  He is a loving husband.  He pursued me for three years before we were married and has never stopped.  He knows all the ugliest parts of me & not only loves me in spite of them – he loves me in midst of them.  Not a day goes by when he does not say and demonstrate his love for me.  He is gentle in my weakness, patient in my craziness and fills my heart with laughter every single day.  Even when I’m worn down, he makes me feel beautiful.  He works hard every day so that I can be a stay-at-home mom for our family.  He is absolutely my best friend.

Jordan has been an amazing father to our children.  His hugs have no limit, his words of affirmation have no bounds.  With Isaac, he always brought peace and comfort.  With Eliana, he is the joy in her eyes.  She absolutely lights up every time she’s with him.  He is not too proud to get on the floor and play with Eliana on her level, to meet her silliness with hearty laughter and smiles.  Even on his busiest work days, he is never too busy to stop and scoop her up in his arms for a hug.  A man of character, I hope my sons grow to be like him and the standard I hope my daughters measure all other men against.  I am proud and humbled that he is the father of my children.  What a blessing!

This only scratches the surface of who Jordan is and all I love about him.  Were I to scribe it all, you would not have time enough to read it.  He is my husband, my confidant, my companion, my lover, father of my children, my soul mate,my best friend.  He holds my heart and never will I take it back from him.  It is safe with him.  Now and always, Jordan Leino is my Valentine.

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