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Big Sister In Training


Eliana seems to be getting the “big sister bug”.  Over the past few weeks, she has really taken to carrying baby dolls around, rocking them while singing “baby, baby”.  It completely melts my heart when she pushes her doll in a small stroller or feed her a bottle.  So precious!  While she doesn’t fully understand the concept of becoming a big sister or new baby coming, I have a feeling she’ll do just fine.


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Little Miss Personality

I mean really…

could she be any cuter?!!!


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Thug Life







Oh yeah….

She’s hard core.


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Day at the Farm

This past weekend, our family ventured up to Hill Ridge Farms for a day of harvest fun.  Eliana had a blast exploring all the sites at the farm  She was fascinated by bunnies and miniature ponies.  She ran laps around the wooden fort and walking through the hay tunnel.  Much to our amusement, Eliana’s  favorite part was standing next to the huge pumpkin “measure me” board.  She saw some older kids standing next to the board to get measured, so every time we walked by, she made a bee-line to stand up next to it.  It was adorable!  The day wrapped with a hayride to the pumpkin patch, where Eliana picked out the perfect pumpkin.  The day was a huge success!  Hill Ridge Farms had definitely become a new fall tradition.

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Blue Steel


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Water Baby

Eliana Faith is a water baby!  If she can splash it, she loves it.  She laughs during bath time, jumps like crazy in the pool, and walks straight towards the ocean.  Plus, she looks adorable in her little swimsuit.  Jordan and I both grew up on the water, so it definitely runs in the family.  We Leinos love water-related activities.  I can’t wait for her first swimming lesson, her first ride on a boat, her first spin on a jet ski.

I just love our water baby!


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Coffee Girl

You’d think I’d learn my lesson the first time or perhaps even the second.  But no.  Three times now Eliana has found my coffee (cold each time), poured it out and proceeded to splash around in the spill…and always over white carpet!  Her reach is much farther than I realized.  She was covered head-to-toe in Starbucks 3 Region goodness.  Hopefully this lesson will stick.  That or I need to invest in Oxyclean stock.


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Pucker Up!


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10 Months Old

Our sweet Eliana Faith is 10 months old today!  In a blink, we’ll be at her 1st birthday.  Time is flying by!  We fall deeper into love with her every day.  She’s grown so much in the past few weeks.  She is the friendliest little girl and she loves to clap.  Anytime she hears “yay” or applause, Eliana claps away.

Eliana crawls like a champ now.  She’s so fast!  She loves to stand on her own and crawl on things.  Several times we’ve walked into the bathroom to find the toilet paper completely unrolled.  She’s curious about everything!

Eliana has been talking up a storm!  She’s been saying “Da-Da” and “ball”, but mostly loves to just babble.  That and blow raspberries.  Whenever we’re singing around the house or learning a new song, she joins in with us.  During morning sound check before service yesterday at Journey, I was holding Eliana while singing into the mic.  By the end of the song, she was leaning in to the mic trying to sing as well.  It’s the cutest thing!

We love you, Eliana Faith!  You are one of God’s sweetest blessings in our life.  Happy 10 months, precious girl!


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Beach Baby

Our little girl LOVES the beach!  We spent several hours on the Myrtle Beach shoreline yesterday with dear friends, the Grays.  Eliana had a blast digging in the sand, wading in the ocean, and clapping at everyone passing by.  Total cuteness!  (MAD props to Aveeno baby sunscreen!)


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These Are The Moments…

…I’ll remember all my life.


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Hopes & Dreams

Back in January, I asked readers what they would like to read about on LeinoLife.  One question that stood out to me was “What are your hopes and dreams for Eliana?” Where to begin?!

Just the thought of answering this question fills me with emotions overwhelming.  How do you put it into words?!  My greatest dream for Eliana is that she would give her life to Jesus and live for Him all the days of her life, that she would know without a shadow of a doubt that God created her with greatness in mind, and that she is completely loved simply for being herself.  I want her to be able to understand the limitless love of her Heavenly Father because it has been modeled day in and day out by her wonderful earthly father.  I want her to love the Scriptures, to base her life around them, and to live out Christ’s love each day.  I want her to live life to the fullest.

My prayer is she would grow to be a woman of purity and integrity, compassion and courage.  I hope that she will always know how valuable her life is and that I am always proud of her.  I hope that as she grows in physical beauty, her inner beauty shines even brighter.  I hope she is a good steward of whatever gifts God has placed within her.  I hope she works hard, dreams larger than life, and never ever gives up on her goals.  May God mold me to raise her to live according to His Spirit – one of power, love, and a sound mind.  May she never look at life through the lens of fear but of faith.  Whenever she faces an obstacle, may she never cower in fear but rise up to meet the challenge head on.  When life knocks her down, may she always get back on her feet and press on.  I hope that one day, she marries a godly man who has saved himself fully for her, who loves her with every ounce of his being, and who is fully submitted to Jesus.  I hope that she marries a man like her daddy – a man who fleshes out God’s love for her.

Eliana Faith.  May she be a woman of joy, grace, and wisdom; of power, strength, and love.  May she always know that her parents love her and are proud of her.  May she grow to accept Christ as her Savior and live all her days for His glory.  May she be fully herself without fear and ever be at peace with who God has created her to be.  May she experience all the blessings and gifts God desires for her.

There is so much I hope and dream for this sweet little girl.  She is more than I ever imagined.  But above all – above my own hopes and dreams for her – may she walk in the destiny that her Creator has in store for her.  And may I ever be molded and shaped to parent her towards that destiny.  Help me, Lord.  Eliana is one of your most precious gifts to me.  May I be found faithful as her mom.


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Eliana tried something new this week…

…and she loves it!


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Seven Months Old

Eliana Faith is now seven months old! How we love this little girl!  She wakes each morning with smiles, growing more curious about everything each day.  She has mastered sitting up on her own and recently began rocking on her hands and knees.  Crawling is just around the corner!  (Life is about to get REAL busy)

Currently, her favorite toy is Duckie.   Just one glance at it and she gets the biggest smile on her face.  Eliana also loves fruits and veggies, though she absolutely detests apples.  She loves roasted butternut squash, pears/pineapple, blackberries, mangoes and sweet potatoes.  But she will NOT eat apples.

One of the biggest changes in Eliana’s life is teeth!  She now has two peeking through her bottom gums.  She’s been a champ through it all, rarely ever crying.  I can’t believe her gummy smile will soon be leaving…how I love it!  But it is certainly a blessing to watch our little lady grow up.

Happy Seven Months, Eliana Faith!  We love you so!


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On The Mend

Our sweet girl is slowly on the mend.  While she still coughs quite violently, they are steadily decreasing in regularity and in the midst, she remains the happiest little lady.  We are so blessed to have Eliana.  What is only a 2ish week bug for her would have certainly landed Isaac in the hospital for intense care or worse.  Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful, strong, healthy little girl.  She is such a gift.

Back to work.  Her runny nose is calling…


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Thanks for the post suggestions, everyone!  You’ll definitely be seeing your ideas in upcoming posts.  We’re feeling a tad under the weather in the Leino household, so this is it for today’s blogging.  Here’s a new pic of our sweet girl to hold you over until tomorrow. 🙂


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The era of eating puréed foods has begun! We gave Eliana her first taste of apples this past week. Let’s just say that she was not entirely enthused about it.  Poor thing even shivered after every bite!  Not so much fun for her, but hilarious for us!  Oh well.  We’ll just have to try Honey Crisp apples next time. Can’t go wrong with those.  Sorry, honey!  Its good for you, I promise!


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Happy Little Lady


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The Gift of 24 Weeks

Today is a day I’ve long wondered about, curious what it would be like.  It has been peculiar indeed.  Peculiar and delightful.  Today, Eliana Faith turned 24 weeks old.  She woke with a smile that never left her face until she lay down to dream tonight.  She laughed with her daddy more than she ever has and sat herself upright for long lengths of time.  Not a sniffle in sight, Eliana is in perfect health.  Her development is right on track and even ahead in some areas.  She’s sweet, strong, and smart.  She’s more than everything we ever hoped she would be at this age.  We truly are blessed to have our Answer To Prayer.

And yet today has been strange.  Today Eliana is the same age Isaac was when he went home to heaven.  I remember that day so vividly.  It was a day of strong emotions, last moments, and goodbyes.  But not today.  Not this 24th week.  No, today was a day of laughter, joy, and blessings.  As I held my perfectly healthy, beautiful daughter, I felt overwhelmed.  She’s made it.  She’s with us and growing more each day.  There have been times since Eliana’s birth when the fear of loss would come knocking at my heart, whispering lies and trepidation over me.  It would come suddenly, speaking “what ifs” and doubts over the future.  Would she make it to the 24th week?  To her first birthday?  What awful surprises lay just around the corner?

I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m growing in trust and knowledge of the One who holds my future.  God surrounded me with grace to walk through Isaac’s early homecoming and His faithfulness is ever before me today in the form of Eliana.  To many, today is just another day of a parent with their child.  But to me, it is and will always be so much more.  Today, Eliana turned 24 weeks old.  It is a sweeter gift than words could ever say.  As the old children’s song goes, “God is so good.  He’s so good to me.”


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23 Weeks

Eliana Faith is 23 weeks old today.  We are crazy in love with this little girl!  She has the sweetest disposition and is curious about everything.  Eliana can now hold herself upright while sitting and has mastered the art of rolling over.  Her favorite activities these days are jumping, putting everything possible in her mouth and throwing whatever she can get her hands on.  She’s also become quite the chatterbox.  She’s constantly trying to communicate with laughs, blowing bubbles, and happy squeals.

Lately she’s developed a game of ooo’s.  She purses her lips into the tiniest “oo” until you do the same.  Then she smiles, laughs and the game begins again.  It’s hilarious!  Of course, we’re always happy to oblige in playing along.

We are truly fortunate to have Eliana.  Not a day goes by without our marveling at the precious, beautiful gift God has given us in her.   We treasure her life, her health, and her happy spirit.  She’s growing up quickly before our eyes.  May we be found faithful with this gift who God has entrusted to us.  Thank You, Lord, for the past 23 weeks.  Every day has been a blessing.


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