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A Day To Celebrate

February 25th has found us once again, a day which will forever be captured in our hearts and minds.  Two years ago on this day, Isaac Jordan Leino was born.  At precisely 3:40am, our son arrived weighing  7 lbs 10 oz and measuring nearly 19″ long.  The child we had long awaited captured our hearts the very moment we first saw him.  Though few sounds we ever heard from Isaac’s lips, his 24 weeks of life spoke volumes.

Today is a day of bittersweet celebration.  Today, we rejoice in the child that God entrusted to us and reflect on the priceless time we had with him.  We remember the blessing of his life and the countless lessons we learned from him.  We smile at our treasured memories with Isaac and will look through the pictures chronicling his time with us.  While we would love to celebrate with ribbons and balloons, cake and presents, we’re certain those things pale in comparison to the eternal glory surrounding our son in heaven.  Isaac was perfect in every way, masterfully crafted by God’s very hands for His purpose.  In reflecting on the past year, we recognize the how far God has brought us.  It is a year that began in the depths of grief’s dark pit.  Now, it finds us healed and filled with hope for the child to come – a daughter who will grow to know of her brave big brother.  Today is certainly a good day.

Join us this day in celebrating our son’s life.  To those who knew him well, we invite you to commemorate his birthday with a comment, thought or story of his life’s impact on yours.  And to those unfamiliar with Isaac’s story, we invite you to read about this brave little boy and there encounter the faithful God who never left our side.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Isaac.  We love you and are so proud of you.



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