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Friday Facts

  • I’m 27 weeks pregnant today.  Little Man Leino has become quite a busy-body.  He is definitely strong, kicking and moving his arms with far more force than my other two kiddos at this stage.  At times it feels like he’s doing somersaults or boxing.  I can’t wait to meet this feisty little guy in June!
  • The warmer weather has allowed Eliana to spend much more time outside and she has loved it!  She wants to be outdoors every chance she gets.  Often her first word in the morning is “outside?”  Such a happy little girl.  Whether she’s flying kites with Daddy, helping Maima in her garden or coloring on the porch in a hula skirt, Eliana has a blast anytime she’s in the sun.

  • Leino Studios had a fabulous first week in its new location.  We are so thankful for the new space God provided for Jordan’s business.  Though we are still putting some final decorating touches on the space, Jordan has already enjoyed the benefits of having much more space for all his musical and business needs.  A step forward in every way, we’re excited to see all that is in store for the Studio in this next season.
  • Our little girl loves to sing!  Any time music is playing, she’s singing and dancing along.  Maima has been teaching Eliana the words and motions for “Itsy, Bitsy Spider”.  It amazes me to watch her pick up phrases and hand motions so quickly.  I found her trying to get one of her baby dolls to do the motions this past week.  Precious!
  • Journey just finished a series on Love.  Boy, has it impacted me!  Over four weeks, our church took an in-depth look into what Scripture says about Love: God’s love, our love for Him, our love for others and our love for ourselves.  I’ve found myself reading through my notes over and again, wanting to listen to the sermons more than once as they have really challenged me to grow and convicted me in areas I certainly need it.  I highly encourage everyone to take the time to listen to the messages.  Since Jesus said that the world will know His disciples by our love, its an area we all could grow in.
  • Well the sunshine and an energetic little lady are calling me outside.  Be sure to check back here on Monday as I’ll be sharing the most amazing carrot cupcake recipe I have ever tasted!  Seriously….BEST EVER!  Happy weekend, everyone!

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Bragging Rights

If you’ve ever spent just a micro-millisecond with my husband, Jordan, you know two things: he’s incredibly good-looking (and all mine…yes!) and he’s insanely brilliant.  Like BRILLIANT brilliant.  The man is the perfect balance of scientific practical clarity and creative genius.  If he sets his mind to literally anything, he will soar at it.  Not because he’s proud or flashy.  Simply because he values excellence and is capable beyond imagination.  And my favorite part of all this – you will never catch him bragging on himself.  Brilliant AND humble.  Seriously folks, this man is quite a catch and I still pinch myself at times that he actually chose me to be by his side.

All this genius and modesty makes life quite fun for me, as I get the privilege and joy of bragging on Jordan.  Today is one of those days when I just can’t help myself.  He has been working for the past few months on designing and developing a new website for the Liberty Church Planting Network.  After much hard work and many late nights, all his efforts paid off today as the new site went live.  I may be biased, but I really think its his best website work to date.  Check it out!

Congratulations on the launch of your latest site, Jordan!  Your creativity and excellent attention to detail continues to amaze and inspire me.  I can’t wait to see what new concepts you’ll come up with next.  Awesome job!


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It’s A New Season

The beginning of the Fall season has also brought a new beginning in our lives.

Since May of 2005, I have served on staff at C3 Church in the areas of worship (adults & students) and communications (marketing, graphic design, web, etc). Without a doubt, God brought us to the Raleigh area and to C3. We are thankful for the opportunity to be involved at C3 in this way over the past four years.

In January, God began stirring my heart, revealing that a change would soon happen. He would guide our steps as we continued to draw closer to Him. Over the next few months, God gave us some new dreams and vision for the future of our family and my career. As we have taken steps of faith this year, God has provided for us in miraculous ways.

Since selling our house earlier this year, the focus has been strong on what our next steps would be, knowing that a change was coming. I sat down with Pastor Matt and Martha to let them know that I felt strongly that God was leading me into something that was 100% musically related. After much prayer and wrestling with this change, Patience and I decided to open my own studio for teaching music. So I resigned from my position on staff at C3 Church and am moving into a volunteer role at the church, still directing the bands and leading worship.

LEINO STUDIOS launched on September 1, 2009 and I have already begun teaching and building a student roster. God has provided in awesome ways and we are trusting Him to continue to bring more students: kids, teenagers, and adults! It is also a dream that Leino Studios would one day be more than a music teaching business, but that it would also be a recording studio as well. Teaching music and creating music have been and will always be a passion of mine, and my prayer is that God would use it to impact the world for the cause of Jesus Christ!

Sunday, September 20, was my last official day on staff, and Monday, September 21 was our first step into the next season with Leino Studios. Please join us in prayer as we step out into this new venture.

If anyone is interested in taking piano lessons, please visit for more information.


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