Reflections of 2009

Here it is again: December 31st.  As 2009 quickly comes to a close, my mind fills with reflections on the past year.  What a year it has been!  Never did I imagine 365 days could hold so much.  Were I to sum up 2009, it would be one simple word: change.  Everything has changed.

One year ago, Jordan and I were filled with the sense that ’09 would be a defining year and a year of change.  We never dreamed that in a year’s time, every area of our lives would be different.  In 2009, we:

  • finished flipping our first home
  • sold our house
  • moved into a beautiful rental home
  • thought we’d be building a house by years’ end (God had other plans)
  • I transitioned from nannying to being a full-time homemaker
  • Eliana Faith was born (perfectly healthy!)
  • Jordan resigned from C3
  • Leino Studios was launched in our home
  • moved into an apartment
  • transitioned from C3 to attend Journey Church
  • leased our first office space for Leino Studios

2009 stretched us in ways we didn’t know were possible.  To look back on all that has changed, it overwhelms me at times.  We knew change was coming.  We didn’t know that God intended to flip our world upside down by changing everything.  It has been challenging, exciting, mind-boggling, frightening, surprising, and crazy.  In the midst of the whirlwind, He gave us a precious little girl who reminds us of His love every day.  Eliana Faith’s name memorializes His answer to our prayer for a healthy child.  Little did we know, her name would also become a reminder of all the prayers He answered through this year and for us to continue trusting Him in the unknown of tomorrow.

Through every change, God opened my eyes to see how much I placed my security in worldly circumstances and provisions.  As each “sure thing” was removed from my life, I felt Him calling me to His heart.  God alone wants to be my Security, my Provider, my Refuge, and my Peace.  Deuteronomy 31.8 has become my mantra: “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”  His Word is living and active, applicable in all situations.

The course of this year has brought out such strength in Jordan – I’m so grateful for his love and leadership in my life.  He is a man of wisdom, integrity, courage, discernment and grace.  Joy fills me every time I see him with our daughter, knowing she will grow with a godly man to look up to and a father who will love her like Jesus.

2009 was a year of change.  As 2010 begins in a mere few hours, my mind races with wonder of all that awaits us in tomorrow.  In the midst of its uncertainty, I rest in knowing God remains ever-faithful and sovereign.   He has led us thus far and will continue to lay the path before us in the days ahead. 

Thanks to our families for loving us every step of the way, for walking beside us through every change of this past year with optimism and steadfast prayer.  We are so fortunate to have each one of you in our lives.  Thanks to all our friends, near and far. We love doing life with you in all of life’s seasons. Thank you, C3, for the past 4 years of ministry and memories.  We’re praying 2010 draws you close to God’s heart and that His hands work through you to show Jesus to this community.  Thanks to Matt and Martha Fry for your investment into our lives during our time on staff, for supporting us in all the changes this year and for encouraging us to follow God’s leading, even when it meant a different direction.  Thanks to Jimmy and Beverly Carroll, and those at Journey Church for pouring into us over the past few months as we’ve made transitions in our family.

Above all, thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He who has redeemed us has been faithful in every season of our lives.  His love continues to mend and compel us.  His Word molds and guides us.  He will never change.  He never fails.  He is our Rock and our Source.

Goodbye, 2009.  Hello, 2010!  What adventures do you hold in store for us…


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8 responses to “Reflections of 2009

  1. praise God for all He has done in your lives! We can’t wait to see Eliana again!

  2. Cathy

    Words cannot express what a truly special person you are and how much Eric and I love you! What is unsaid, but nevertheless true, is that through all of the changes of 2009, the beauty of who you are in God was abundantly evident. The Christ-like way you handled difficulties, the prayerful way you made difficult decisions and the strength of your faithfulness in every situation are what I will remember of you in 2009 and beyond. May every good and abundant blessing of God be yours this new year my precious friend!!!

  3. Carol

    I am so grateful to have you two as friends. I have to say that I miss you at C3, but am glad you have found a place God has called you to be. Your lives have been a wonderful testimony to God and his love. I fully believe Issac changed many people thru out the world. What a blessing he was. Elina Faith, what can I saw about this precious baby that has not already been said? God answered your prayers and those who were praying with you. I am so proud of what you two are doing with your lives and wish you all the best God has to offer. You are truly doing his work. I love you and look forward to getting together with you an loving on Elina and both of you. God Bless and know that you are loved very much.

  4. We are SO excited to see what God is going to do in and through you and your family this year. So glad we can do it together!

  5. Happy new year, Leinos! We love you all.

  6. Delea

    Patience, you’re so cool.

    happy NEW YEAR 🙂

  7. Beautiful words from a beautiful family. Looking forward to all God in store for you this year!!

    I hope we will have a chance to see you three soon!

    Much Love,
    Tricia and Nathan

  8. I love it. And I love you. Excited for what 20X will bring you 3. 😉 xoxo

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