Writers Block

I have writers block. SEVERE writers block. It seems to come in spurts – a few days of inspiration, maybe even a bit of humor. And then nothing. Completely blank.

So until the next spurt of fresh ideas come, know I’m wishing you all well and hope your having a simply fantastical day!


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6 responses to “Writers Block

  1. Rebek

    We already gave u abunch of ideas on a previous post, silly girl!

  2. Corinne

    it’s probably because you haven’t had a life changing weekend in the beautiful DC/Annapolis area with your AWESOME sister filled with GIRLY THINGS AND DELICIOUS FOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mom

    I KNOW your sister is right!!!!!!! You will come back from an amazing weekend with your baby sister and write a book…oh, no pressure! Love you hugely!

  4. It’s been said that the best cure for writer’s block is to WRITE! Doesn’t have to be for anyone else to read … just to get you going again. Kind of like prayer. When we feel like praying the least is when we need to!

  5. Rachel

    Are you going to answer our questions from that Q&A post? I hope so!

  6. Brenda Nickerson

    Hi Patience!
    I just noticed Shauna had your blog posted on her site and I took a look and caught up a bit on your recent year. (I’m Shauna’s mom in case you don’t remember me)

    You have a sweet baby girl! Praise God! She looks absolutely precious! Your life is a beautiful testimony as I read what the Lord has brought you through. Keep giving Him all the glory! ~ Brenda

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