In Remembrance

Sweet Charlie Baer died tonight.  This brave little boy fought hard all 25 days that he was here on earth.  Thankfully, he was surrounded by his family during the final moments of this life.  Please please keep Josh, Marina, Noah and their families in your prayers as they begin this new chapter.  Words cannot express how my heart aches for them.  Good night, sweet Charlie Baer.  You will never be forgotten.


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5 responses to “In Remembrance

  1. Oh no, Patience. My heart is breaking for them -Charlie was fighting so hard, a real little warrior. You know, as I do, how we walk alongside fellow heart parents In their journeys – celebrating their triumphs and mourning their losses as though they were our own. We will be holding the Baers close to our hearts and keeping them in our prayers. With love xxx

  2. My heart breaks for the Baer family as well. I just can’t imagine; that picture of the twins holding hands…that was a tear jerker. My prayers go out to this family.

  3. cfhusband

    I’m so sorry. I’ve been praying for him and his family and will continue.

  4. chris roddy

    ‘…comfort with the comfort that you were comforted with in your time of sorrow…”

  5. Patrick Roddy

    Thank you for bearing witness to this sweet family of God’s strength to go through the storm…and thank you for sharing Charlie’s story.

    God bless you.

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