The Crud Has Left The Building

We’ve been battling a bad case of the crud at the Leino household.  And by we I mean Eliana & Patience.  Since meeting Jordan in 2002, he’s been truly sick twice.  TWICE!  I mean really.  We eat the same foods, take the same nutritional supplements, drink lots of water, stay active.  Lucky Jordan.  Of course, I make up for us both in the under-the-weather department.  (Thank you allergies, pregnancies, migraines, etc)  Let’s just say God gave me great balance when He brought Jordan into my life.  But more on that whole balancing act another time…

Eliana went from two weeks of molars teething to bronchitis to pneumonia.  Thankfully, she’s 100% well now & completely back to her full-of-energy, curious-about-everything, talking-up-a-storm self.  Even on her sickest days, she always had a smile and a snuggle to share.  I probably sound like a broken record but it still blows me away that God would bless me with this precious, beautiful treasure of a child.  What a joy she is.

When it comes to me and health, you have to know two things: I’m big into health & nutrition, & I’m very stubborn.  I’m never one to jump at taking a pill (though I will when necessary & wise) & I’d rather try waiting out a bug to see if it improves on its own than call the doctor as soon as I’m sick.  (Though when it comes to my kids, I’m overly vigilant.  Again, another story for another day.)  I’ll push myself hard, not wanting to admit that I’m sick, until my body says “enough!” & shuts down.  Irish German first-born female perhaps?

I started dealing with a respiratory bug the week before Thanksgiving.  Once it got to the point that it was clear something was definitely wrong, I called our awesome family doctor.  He hooked me up with a 10-day antibiotic to hopefully knock out the infection.  It kept me from getting worse, but I never quite got better.  I kept waiting and waiting…”surely it will turn around today.”  Well 2.5 weeks later, my body finally got tired of me avoiding another doctor’s visit & gave out.  2 days on the couch & I got the message loud & clear.  “You’re not getting better on your own.  Would you call the doctor already?!”  (Told you I have a stubborn streak.)

After my appointment diagnosing full-blown bronchitis (complete w/a gentle but firm talking-to about not waiting it out so long next time when it comes to my breathing), he sent me home with a strong specific antibiotic & orders to rest.  Thank you, Lord, for an excellent physician for our family!  Within 24 hours, I can already tell a huge difference.  I finally slept through the night w/o coughing nor breathing issues of any kind – first time in weeks!  Of course, I’ve been kicking myself, “why didn’t you go in sooner?”  Oh well.  Thankfully I’m finally on the mend.  Soon I’ll have all my energy again & be back to being fully involved w/Jordan, Eliana & all such things in life.  Jordan has been amazing taking care of me & our family during this 3-week sick spell.  Never complaining, always serving above & beyond.  He exceeds my hopes & dreams in a husband.  Seriously!

So now its back to cleaning, cooking, blogging, singing, fully engaging w/my family, singing w/o sounding like a man, talking w/o loosing my breath, writing, growing a baby & other such wonderful things.  Here’s wishing my family & yours a healthy, happy holiday!


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4 responses to “The Crud Has Left The Building

  1. Yeah for NO MORE CRUD!!! Hope you are fully motivated to be the awesome mom that you are today:)

    Love ya, Tasha

  2. Amy

    I am so glad you are well, Pai.

    Does the title of this post have anything to do with The Bee Movie?

    You crack me up, you put up with being sick for three weeks, but you get epidurals. Hilarious!

    Hope you can now start to really enjoy the Christmas season.

  3. How blessed am I????

    I get to live with your awesome doctor every single day!!!! Don’t have to leave the house to get his loving lectures or awesome bedside manner! 🙂

    Glad you’re better!

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