New Beginnings


Two & a half years ago, we began the Baby Leino blog to chronicle the journey with our son, Isaac.  What started as a simple way of passing info on to family & friends grew into a story far greater than we could have imagined.  Isaac’s brief but powerful journey with HLHS changed our lives forever & touched countless hearts worldwide.  Neither of us could have fathomed the impact a simple blog would have on others, nor did we expect the profound encouragement it gave us through those who read it.

With the start of a new year & having recently learned that we’re expecting again, we decided its time to start blogging once more.  Leino Life will give a peek into our family here in North Carolina, as well as chronicle our journey with Baby Leino #2.  We’re praying for health & great things in ’09.

So be sure to check back regularly for pregnancy updates & random info on our happenings here.  Enjoy!


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12 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. Janet

    Welcome back to blog world! Praying all the best for you and Jordan in 2009! God is good!

  2. I’m so glad to see you blogging again! You are such a gifted writer. So glad you guys got to see your little one today!!

  3. Yay. So glad you’re blogging again! Can’t wait to hear all about your new miracle.

  4. Josh & Nicole

    oooo…yay! we’re so glad you are blogging again and look forward to following your journey. may your pregnancy and little one be blessed in every way. isaac’s blog is still on our RSS feed and constantly reminds us of the many things that his life (and your parenting) taught us. love to all of you.

  5. praying for you three hardcore!


  6. Jenn Chadwell

    Thrilled for you both at the blessing of Baby Leino #2. Blogging is something so much more than just words in cyberspace and I’m glad to see you guys back to penning and typing your words. It’s history, therapy, and testimony all in one.

  7. Holly Jordan

    Hi Jordan and Patience!

    It was great seeing you at Christmas eve dinner. We are looking forward to seeing all of the sonogram pictures and waiting for the arrival of baby #2. Best wishes!!

    Holly and Jimmy

  8. Megan


    Looking forward to lots of little Leino in a few months!

  9. karen kapusta

    so excited for you guys! we will be praying for baby leino 2 and are excited to be reading your journey along the way!

  10. So excited about this new journey you are on (and the blog, too). We’ll be praying for you guys.

  11. thank you for sharing with all of us again. it is an honor to be praying for your family. still.

  12. Sandra Cruz

    I was sitting here on Friday and thought that I would check on the blogs I was following and baby Issac came to my mind- Congrats on the new little one to come!!! Can’t wait to read what God is doing in your family’s life!!

    God Bless!

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