A Baby On The Way

Pregnancy is a curious thing. Its amazing the impact someone so small can have over your entire body & mind. At times, the physical effects of this little one growing inside me can be quite unpleasant, the future blessing it will bring far outweighs all the discomforts & inconveniences. To have this experience is to receive a gift, one that I value with humble gratitude.

As of tomorrow, I will be 11 weeks along. Its hard to believe that six weeks have already gone by since we learned of this new “occupant”. My, how time does fly! We had another OB appointment today. Everything had gone smoothly until our doctor tried to audibly find the heartbeat. After trying for a little while, we went next door for an ultrasound…just to make sure nothing was wrong.


No wonder she couldn’t find the beat at first – our little one was bouncing all over the place! As soon as she put the machine on, Baby Leino’s image popped onto the screen, bouncing & waving as though it had not a care in the world. Seeing the life in our child, now looking more like a baby rather than a peanut, hit me in a way I did not expect as it all became much more real to me. At one point, it looked as though it could be smiling!

Since this pregnancy is considered high risk (because of our history with Isaac), there will be some testing & detailed ultrasounds in the weeks to come. A perk of being high risk – you get to see your growing child so much more! This child is already a blessing. We are praying for continued growth, health, & protection as he/she matures each day. At least we know this: our little one is full of energy!


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31 responses to “A Baby On The Way

  1. Valerie

    We are so excited for you and will be praying for you three:)

  2. Maima!

    I’m thrilled to see our sweet baby, looking beautiful I may add! God is beyond comprehension awesome!

  3. Patience, I am so happy for your little family. I am anxious to watch your family of THREE grow into a family of FOUR. :o) This little guy/girl will have an awesome big brother watching over him/her.

    God is an awesome God! You are an inspiration to many and I can’t wait to see the journey with the new little one that God has in store for you.

  4. Connie

    You Leino’s know how I feel. This baby will be blessed AND will be a blessing. I am in awe of what God is doing and look forward to hearing more from you on the blog.

    Luv and Hugs,

  5. I followed sweet Isaac’s story and wanted to offer support, encouragment, and prayers for this pregnancy. You both are such amazing people. Your faith inspires me. Congrats!

  6. Sarah

    Love you so much! You are amazing 🙂

  7. Congratulations! We look forward to following your growing family for the next 9 months! You have our prayers!

  8. Jordan and Patience – Congratulations! We are praying for a peacful and enjoyable pregnancy and healthy baby!

    In Christ,

    Elisa and Kevin

  9. I am so happy for you guys! I was hoping you would start blogging again…I absolutely love reading your writings. I look forward to following your growing family!

  10. Susan

    This has been in the back of my mind for months, even though I don’t know you personally… congratulations!! I know this baby will change lives just like Isaac did. God bless and keep you!

  11. Congrats to you guys on your new little one on the way! Wishing and praying for an uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby boy or girl!

  12. MaryAnn

    Patience and Jordan,
    I was so excited to see that you are blogging again. As Natalie stated, you are such a gifted writer! Thank you for allowing us all to share in this wonderful experience with you both. You two are such an inspiration to us all. You all will be in our prayers. Congratulations and thank you again for sharing with us.
    Love you guys!

  13. LindsEy 'Johnson' Hulsey

    Dear Patience (and Jordan and sweet little baby),

    I am sitting here at work just grinning because your story is so awesome and I really do find your family immensely encouraging when I am having a rough time. So…thank you for that. It is so exciting that you have a new addition to the family:) Maybe you should buy the little sweetie a pair of mini running shoes since it seems like he/she is full of energy! 🙂 Congrats guys!


  14. sheilacowell

    i’m bubbling over with excitement for you two. Hope your ankles don’t swell like last time ; D Love to you both!!!!

  15. Patty

    I’m so happy for you!

  16. Cathy

    Tears filled my eyes when I read your message and saw that you’d be blogging again. First of all, you have a beautiful gift for writing so eloquently. Secondly, what a joy to be able to get a glimpse into the heart of someone I treasure so much!
    This blog is more than just new comments. It holds the promise of new beginnings and new life and isn’t that God’s most wonderful gift to us all through Christ? So in a way, you are mirroring that promise. thank you for your willingness to not just hold the precious gift of God’s love within you, but to share that love with us all again.
    I will be praying every day and in every way that this baby is going to be healthy and that you will have the reassurance daily of God’s touch throughout this pregnancy.
    I love you guys!

  17. this is so great! how exciting! each little baby is so thrilling and interesting. thanks for blogging 🙂

  18. Hi Guys!
    Welcome back to the world of blogging – we’ve missed you!
    It’s wonderful to see a pic of Little Leino #2. It really is such fabulous news, and I’m sure Isaac will be keeping a close eye on his little bro/sis.
    Hope you’re feeling ok, Patience (I remember morning sickness… bleagh.)
    Take care now, and here’s to a happy, healthy and peaceful 2009.
    With love, Alison x

  19. I am so happy for you guys!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  20. Mari Taylor

    I am so happy for you guys. You crossed my mind today and I was thinking I wonder if a new baby is anywhere in the picture. Soooo, I stoppped by Issac’s blog. I was so thrilled to be directed here and find that my “inkling” was indeed founded. Congratulations and I will be praying.

  21. What great news! We have followed your family around on the web for what seems like forever… praying for a safe journey with #2! Isaac will be the perfect big brother to watch over this growing baby! CONGRATS!

  22. Jane - The Figs

    luv ya, all 4 of you 🙂 can’t wait to meet the lil one so micah can have a playmate!

  23. Jessica

    Patience and Jordan,

    I too followed Issac’s story. I happened to run across your twitter one day, I think from Nate and Tricia’s, and saw where you were pregnant. I was so excited for you guys and thinking you had to start a blog for this pregnancy too. So glad to see you did!! I’ll definately add it to my favorites :0)

  24. Dianett

    Praise God!! I’m so happy for you guys!

    I followed Isaac’s story and left a few comments in the beginning of your journey with little Isaac.

    I also lost my son to HLHS two years ago this month and now God has blessed us again, I’m now into my 32nd week of pregnancy and expecting a little girl!

    God bless you guys and I will definately be praying for a healthy baby.


  25. I have actually been waiting for a post like this! I am so excited for you. We have been following your story for the past two years, praying for you all the way! God is so good!

  26. We are right there with you, praying alongside for you wonderful beautiful baby!! I can’t wait to see he/she in person! Love you guys!!!

    Tric and Naye

  27. I’m so happy for you guys. I’ll be praying for you along the way.

  28. we are praying for you guys and that sweet baby. i think there may be another drummer on the way!

  29. Jamie

    We are so excited for you guys! We are praying for a Happy Healthy 9months. I followed your blog on Issac and want to say thank you for continuing to share your journey with us!

  30. Megan

    😉 Perhaps a glimpse into your future:

    Leah’s heartbeat was NEVER detectable for almost 4 months, except on ultra sound. Every ultrasound she was fine, just bouncing around like there was some kind of big party in there. Constant motion.

    Today: She is a 15 mo “one-girl party”. All day long. 😉 She rarely stops moving and is often hollering as she goes.

  31. We so loved being a high risk pregnancy too (both times) as I saw my baby at least once a month. It is the most amazing thing. Granted I didn’t quite enjoy all the other “perks” of high risk but I can honestly say I’d do it again for another child. All of the stuff is worth it. 😉

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