A Day To Celebrate

February 25th has found us once again, a day which will forever be captured in our hearts and minds.  Two years ago on this day, Isaac Jordan Leino was born.  At precisely 3:40am, our son arrived weighing  7 lbs 10 oz and measuring nearly 19″ long.  The child we had long awaited captured our hearts the very moment we first saw him.  Though few sounds we ever heard from Isaac’s lips, his 24 weeks of life spoke volumes.

Today is a day of bittersweet celebration.  Today, we rejoice in the child that God entrusted to us and reflect on the priceless time we had with him.  We remember the blessing of his life and the countless lessons we learned from him.  We smile at our treasured memories with Isaac and will look through the pictures chronicling his time with us.  While we would love to celebrate with ribbons and balloons, cake and presents, we’re certain those things pale in comparison to the eternal glory surrounding our son in heaven.  Isaac was perfect in every way, masterfully crafted by God’s very hands for His purpose.  In reflecting on the past year, we recognize the how far God has brought us.  It is a year that began in the depths of grief’s dark pit.  Now, it finds us healed and filled with hope for the child to come – a daughter who will grow to know of her brave big brother.  Today is certainly a good day.

Join us this day in celebrating our son’s life.  To those who knew him well, we invite you to commemorate his birthday with a comment, thought or story of his life’s impact on yours.  And to those unfamiliar with Isaac’s story, we invite you to read about this brave little boy and there encounter the faithful God who never left our side.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Isaac.  We love you and are so proud of you.



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27 responses to “A Day To Celebrate

  1. carlyn

    Jordan & Patience … know that I am thinking about you today as you celebrate Sweet Isaac’s birthday and this new life that you are bringing into the world. Your daughter will bring such joy to both of you … I know you both will be terrific parents!

  2. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday, Isaac! I will think of you throughout today and the impact of your parents’ faith that they demonstrated thoughout your short and sweet time with us. Thank you, Leino family, for your example to us of trust in God’s will.

  3. Karen

    Thankful to have known Isaac. Rejoicing as he dances in heaven today. Praising God that you can share your testimony — so others can experience the hope and healing that come from knowing Jesus.

    Happy Birthday, Isaac!

  4. Happy Birthday Isaac! We love your family and can’t wait to meet your sister!

  5. Love this sweet little boy and Love his amazing parents!! We celebrate this day with you and remember what UNBELIEVABLE things the Lord did in and through your family! May God receive all the glory for Isaac’s 24 weeks and for this new little blessing!! We love ya’ll so much and are thankful for your friendship!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Isaac! We are remembering you all today and lifting you up in prayer. Your family is such an awesome testament to faith and endurance and our family has learned from your example!

    Thomas, Niki and Jacob

  7. Christal

    – There is a legacy of faith Isaac left behind, more so, of the way his parents responded to a trial in their life. I remember how it bonded c3 together as everyone was in prayer over Isaac and even those outside of c3 who knew of the story. I don’t think I ever saw a church family respond in the way, over one situation, as much as c3 did when Isaac was on his 24week- life changing journey through this world. The child couldn’t even speak yet but through his story, God’s glory resonates on every page of it.

    The way you two handled situations spoke immensly as I got to observe you two face what some people called the impossible. You were so brave for each other and for Isaac, everyday of the 24-weeks and then were brave for others after God brought him home. You showed how God’s grace sustains you and strengthens you for anything in life, and then builds you up further to be the light for some else in their darker period of life.

    So today, I celebrate with you! I celebrate over the life of your son, that was purposed by our Creator, that did nothing else but speak the Glory of God in everyday of His life. I also celebrate with you on the beautiful little girl, the proves God is true to his promises to those who are faithful and to his children He gives good things.

    Thank-you for sharing your story and letting it speak for itself, as like a city upon a hill. You guys are always in prayers!

  8. Lindsay

    Pai and Jordan,

    As I look at my pictures of Isaac, I’m remembering how amazing it felt to see him for the first time. My first shopping trip to Target for baby cloths and toys (It was all I could do to control myself. I wanted to buy him the whole kit and caboodle!). The precious moments he spent sleeping in my arms, snuggling close and holding my hand. Singing silly songs and whispering how precious he was into his little ears. It was a joy and a priviledge to know him and be a part of his life. He has touched me forever.

    I just wanted you to know that I am remembering and celebrating with you today the 2nd birthday of my first “Nephew”. I pray that God will oneday allow my life to have as much impact on this world for His glory and Isaac did.

    Love you guys,


    ps. I’m still practicing all my silly songs for my first “niece”. 🙂

  9. Jani Rando

    I cannot wait to see this new little girl toddling around C3. I can’t wait for her to know about her big brother and what an amazing inspiration he was to so many of us. His journey, though brief, was so profound that he comes to mind often. How appropriate that God should give us a child to show us the meaning of faith and perseverance. He was a blessing to you as your son, he was a blessing to me as a reminder that God is in everything, even when the outcome is something we did not expect or hope to plan for.

    God’s plans are perfect, as his plans for Isaac were. I know he is rejoicing with our Lord, waiting for the day we will all see him again.
    Happy Birthday sweet Isaac. I cannot wait to see the beautiful young lady that God has created in your little sister.

  10. Beverley Webber

    Patience and Jordan
    You are both wonderful people and have such a gift, your Children are truly blessed.
    Thinking of you all on this special day,
    Happy Birthday Isaac

  11. Thinking of you today on Isaac’s birthday – I’m sure he’ll be dancing with the angels!
    Much love to you all X

  12. MaryAnn

    Happy Birthday Sweet Isaac!! Isaac impacted so many lives in his short time on this earth it is amazing. Everyone who had the opportunity to be a part of your journey will forever be touched by your faith, trust and love of our precious Lord. Jordan and Patience, thank you for allowing us to be a part of Isaac’s life even though many of us never met him personally. Thank you also for being such an inspiration to us all. We look forward to meeting that precious little girl of yours and we will continue to be praying for you all.

  13. Happy Birthday Isaac! I wish I could have known you this side of heaven–but one day I will meet you in person and rejoice with you. Your mama and daddy are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the priviledge of knowing and I know you are just as sweet too!

  14. Kateri

    Isaac was a miracle, in that was Isaac was no different from any other child. What set him apart was how this one beautiful little boy bonded a community, that spanned the world, together in prayer and praise. He gave us an opportunity to reset our priorities and to find ourselves at the foot of the Cross over and over again. Praise the Lord for Isaac Jordan Leino.
    Love you ~ Kateri<

  15. I knew when I saw a post from you that it was a post about Isaac’s birthday. I’ve been thinking and praying for you all day.

    Happy Birthday Isaac! Beautiful baby boy.

  16. Patrick

    And two years later…the journey of Might Isaac and his amazing mom and dad are still shared on every continent.

    Lord, we know you are having a heaven wide celebration for birthday #2…and I have to believe that Isaac is also excited that he is going to have a little sister.

    God bless you Patience and Jordan. Thank you for sharing the journey.

  17. Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday, Isaac!
    Praying for you guys today.

  18. Happy Birthday Isaac!!
    I’ve been praying for you today.

  19. Crystal

    Happy Birthday, Isaac! Thank you for being great parents!

  20. Taneha

    Happy Birthday Isaac! Your story challenged my faith like never before. Thank you! Can’t wait to meet you one day.

  21. Traci

    Thank you for sharing your little Isaac with us. Even though we never met him face to face, the impact his life made in our lives is greater than you will ever know. He will forever live in our hearts.

  22. Mari-jane

    I accidentally came accross Isaac’s blog and want to say how much he, and you have touched my life. My daughter was taken from us at age 24 just over 3 years ago. She left behind twin children who were 21 months at the time. We are now raising them. My faith has been waning since her death and I have not been able to turn toward God to help me through this. Reading your story and being witness to your faith and trust in God has been helping my soul heal and although not there yet, I am on my way back to my faith slowly but surely, thanks to Isaac and both of you.

  23. Happy Birthday, sweet Isaac. Can’t wait to meet you one day!

  24. patty

    I could never forget Isaac’s birthday. Nor will I ever forget the gift you shared with me the day of his going to meet Jesus. All three of you, (and now the four of you counting your sweet little girl) have a very, very, tender spot in my heart. That spot gets touched sometimes when I am not even sure what made me think of you. Most of the time it makes me smile, but sometimes – like yesterday – it hurts and I have to cry for you. But so very often I pray for you and praise God for the ministry you blanket me with when I see you at church. Thank you for being so obedient.
    Much love,

  25. I’m sorry I’m just now reading this! I knew his birthday was around this time. Happy Birthday to sweet Isaac. I can’t wait to meet his little sister one day!

  26. it is through your son Isaac that i met Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth…both of your families have forever changed my heart, thinking and view of God and how He loves us all. He gives us all different paths/stories….we are to share them with others so that HE may be glorified and others accept Him as their personal savior. You have done just that. Thank you for sharing such intimate details of your past two years. You have been a blessing to many.

    Still praying!!!

    Happy Birthday Isaac! you are forever in my heart.

  27. Jennifer

    🙂 Happy birthday sweet Isaac 🙂 You will always be remember! you were such a true blessing to your parents and this world.

    Praying for you guys!

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