A Good Report


Today was our second Level 2 ultrasound on Baby Girl Leino.  She had herself completely balled up for most of the sonogram with hands hiding her face – much like her older brother.  At least the Leino kids are consistent!   Our sonogram technician was incredibly thorough, explaining everything he was looking at as he went.  When the exam first began, she had her legs properly crossed at the ankles.  Jordan was so proud, saying “That’s my girl!”  He’s going to be an incredible father.

Our sonogram tech spent most of his time getting a good look at her brain and heart.  Once he finally had a good view of her heart, Jordan and I felt a weight lifted as we saw four perfectly-formed chambers pumping away.  No signs of cardiac defects!  Praise the Lord!  He spent an hour measuring all her bones and organs while trying very hard to get a good 4D view of her face.  The doctor then came back to review the ultrasound findings with us.  Thankfully, no structural anomalies were found.  Our darling currently measures two days ahead of schedule, while her belly measures a full week ahead.  She’s certainly been eating well.  We have our third Level 2 in May at 30 weeks gestation for another look at all her organs, bones, and growth.  We’re hoping that she’ll cooperate with us for a good picture then.

Its truly a blessing to receive such a good report as it was at this point with Isaac when we first learned of his cardiac defects.  Thank you all for your prayers today. God has been faithful in answering them with a loving “yes”.


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23 responses to “A Good Report

  1. Thats wonderful news to here!! Praise God!!

  2. May God continue to bless you in ways beyond measure. :o)

  3. Connie Powers


  4. Karis

    Awesome, awesome news! Our God is SO good!

  5. Olivia Roberts

    Congratulations! I too have been anxiously awaiting the good news about Miss Thing!

  6. Lindsay

    How Wonderful! I know you are thrilled, and I am so excited to see the continuing good reports! Praying that God continues to answer with “yes”. Love and miss you guys!

  7. Sarah Speer Samek

    Praise God!! I’m thrilled for you and your sweet daughter!!

  8. Karen

    YEA!!! Our God is awesome!

  9. Yay! Praise the LORD!!! So happy to hear how the LORD is blessing your family.

  10. patty

    Praise the LORD! She is beautiful ~ fearfully and wonderfully made.

  11. Taneha

    Wonderful news! So happy for you both!

  12. Wonderful news! Praise the Lord!

  13. MaryAnn

    That is awesome news! God is good!! She is beautiful just like her mom!

  14. Jani Rando

    Praise God for such wonderful news. What an amazing answer to prayer.

  15. Yes and AMEN!! Love and peace to you both.

  16. Alicia Moore

    Thanks for sharing with us! We’ve been praying for you guys and will continue to.

  17. What fabulous news! I’ve been thinking of you so much this week – I’m so thrilled that everything is looking so brilliant with your little girl. Truly an answer to many, many prayers! (How amazing to get a full four-chamber view!! I’m hoping and praying that I’ll get to see one of those one day!) Thinking of you all and sending lots of love from across the water…

  18. How awesome! So excited to see that everything is just as it should be. (And I apparently have a thumb sucker too since we’ve never seen his face even though we’re four ultrasounds in – guess they want to keep us guessing!!!) We’re so excited for you guys!

    Thomas & Niki

  19. Kristian Senkarik

    god is good! he is amzing and he is keeping ur little darling safe. 🙂

  20. Mir Haynes

    Rejoicing with you, Patience and Jordan. 🙂

  21. Suzanne

    Such reassuring news and prayers answered!

  22. Christal

    Thank-God for His faithfulness! I’m rejoicing with you guys!

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