Home With Eliana

What an amazing five days we’ve had with our little girl!  Eliana is truly a gift from God.  She has been an absolute joy.  Sleeping peacefully and completely alert when awake.  We fall more & more madly in love with her every day.  Enjoy some photo highlights of her first few days with our little girl…

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18 responses to “Home With Eliana

  1. karendawkins

    Rejoicing with you today as you celebrate new life and in the healing He has provided these past two years since you said good-bye to sweet Isaac. I miss him, too. Love you!

  2. patty honeycutt

    I’m so happy for you!!!

  3. Kim

    Thank you for posting more pics. I’ve been dying to see more. She is precious!

  4. love love love that top middle pic of you Pai and Eliana. Your hair looks gorgeous too might I add!

  5. Sonia

    She is so precious! She looks like she is such a sweet baby. God has truly blessed you both.

  6. Connie

    Patience and Jordan,

    Your arms were made for loving and nurturing a child. Eliana is BEAUTIFUL and you guys couldn’t possibly glow any more than you do in these pics.
    Thanks for sharing – I’ll bring the gifts that I have for your new addition to church on Saturday nite.
    Happy Sleeping:)

  7. Absolutely precious. So thankful for your beautiful, healthy little girl. God is truely blessing you both.

  8. Love it, Love it, Love it. She is such a beauty and Patience looks gorgeous… just after giving birth. We are so happy for your precious family!


  9. What beautiful pictures – how lovely to see all three of you safe at home! I’ve been thinking of you all today on Isaac’s anniversary – I can hardly believe two years have flown by. It must be such a bittersweet mix of emotions to have Eliana here with you today. With much love, Alison XXX
    PS Am trying to work out if Eliana has Isaac’s red hair!

  10. MaryAnn

    I cry everytime I see pictures of all of you.Tears of joy of course! Eliana is so beautiful! I’m sure Isaac is smiling down on his sweet sister. Keep the pictures coming. Such a joy to see all God has done in your lives and continues to do.

  11. Megan

    You two make beautiful children and she is absolutely precious!

  12. Mary Brown

    Love the new pics…she really is just adorable. I love the two where she’s sleeping with the pink hat and the brown bow…too cute! I’m so happy for you guys :o)

  13. Elizabeth

    aw, she is beautiful… just perfect!
    i know you guys are in love! ❤
    congratulations. 🙂

  14. Allison Price

    She is a princess indeed! She is absolutely georgeous and all seem to be doing well! So happy for you.

  15. karen

    It just takes my breath away–she is so lovely. Remembering her big brother, too. Beautiful family!

  16. Heather Miller

    I can’t get over how GORGEOUS she is! I love it when they’re so little that they can fit the way she is in her crib. 🙂 Enjoy these days. They are priceless and precious.

  17. Gwen & Amaya

    The pictures of Eliana are beautiful! She is too precious! Happy One Week Birthday Eliana! Amaya and I cannot wait to see her!

    We love you!
    Gwen & Amaya 🙂

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