The Story

This one is for all the ladies.  I’m not sure what it is about labor that makes it so universally bonding.  But somewhere between the waiting and that final push, labor stories seem to bring women together.  So for all those curious of Eliana’s arrival story – here it is!

I had gone in for my 40-week appointment on Monday, July 27.  To be frank, I was shocked to still be pregnant.  Isaac had arrived on his own a few days before his due date so I just “knew” that Eliana would be here before her due date.  After all, “you always go faster with your second.”  (Note to self – always assume you’ll go to term or later with any future pregnancies to avoid complete frustration in the waiting.)  Much to my chagrin, I had not progressed at all from the appointment before.  The doc recommended waiting a WEEK before talking induction dates.  Bless his heart…this simply would not do.   Little Miss needed to arrive in July!  After a cordial but opposing conversation, he doubtfully agreed to call in just to check for any induction openings.  Success!  They had one opening on Friday, July 31st, and I replied with a smile, “We’ll take it!”

The phone rang at 5:30a that Friday morning with the news to come on in to the hospital.  They were ready for us!  We arrived at REX around 6:45a and by 8:30a, the Pitocin was dripping away.  The waiting had begun.  Grandparents came in to visit, we updated the blog, caught up on emails, talked about our soon-coming little girl.  And we waited some more.  By 11:30a, I had not progressed much at all and was completely bored out of my mind.  This was taking too long!  Oh, the irony of my name.  My doctor broke my water at noon to move things along.  After that, things really started rolling!  Just when the contractions really started to sting, the anesthesiologist arrived with the epi-goodness.  The anesthesiologist worked quickly with precision.  By 1:30p, the wonder drug was in place and I was at 3cm.  My, how I love that drug!  I’m usually one to try natural avenues of treatment before taking a medication.  But when it comes to labor, I’m a huge fan of epidurals.  With both deliveries, things really sped up once I got the epidural.

After the epidural was in place, I was still feeling tremendous pressure and pain in my right leg.  My nurse worked for 30ish minutes to figure out why I was feeling so much pain in my leg.  She was fantastic!  Sweet, attentive, efficient and professional.  The pain finally left my leg but I was still feeling a lot of pressure in my back.  So my nurse decided to check my progression just in case.  9 cm!  No wonder I was feeling pressure!  Within 10 minutes, I was fully dilated and the pushing.  Jordan was an awesome coach through the process.  The hour flew by and at 3:30p, Eliana Faith arrived!  No drama, no trauma, no complications.  The whole experience was completely different than my first delivery and very healing.  The delivery had progressed perfectly and our healthy little girl was finally in our arms – breathing on her own and simply beautiful.  It took a while for it all to sink in.  There she was – the one we had long prayed for.  God’s Answer looking in our eyes and capturing our hearts with every breath.

So there you have it.  Eliana Faith arrived 3.5 hours from the time my water was broken.  If I were to do it all again, my only change would be to have broken the water from the get-go.  Like I said, I’m still working on living out my name. 🙂


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5 responses to “The Story

  1. Christal

    Epi-goodness lol. Child-birth… never really experienced it, other than seeing my sister have her baby, and videos for EMS. So I can still only imagine….
    However… I fully know what a blessing it is to see a long awaiting prayer answered in your friend’s life.
    Couldn’t be happier for you two and Eliana. She has 2 of the strongest, yet fully submitted to the Lord, parents I have ever met!

    Thanks for perservering and trusting long enough to let God write an epic story!

  2. Amanda B.

    aww. 🙂 I love you guys!

  3. Alicia Moore

    Wonderful story! After waiting 10 months, 3.5 hours seems like forever, and yet, FAST!

    Thank you for sharing your past couple of years through bloging. While the first blog had many miracles, I’m very excited to read of the miracle of the birth of Eliana.

  4. Love the story. Thanks for sharing. Like you I learned that lesson too. I had them break the water w/i 1 hr from arriving at the hospital for the 2nd child. Much Much faster. 🙂

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