23 Weeks

Eliana Faith is 23 weeks old today.  We are crazy in love with this little girl!  She has the sweetest disposition and is curious about everything.  Eliana can now hold herself upright while sitting and has mastered the art of rolling over.  Her favorite activities these days are jumping, putting everything possible in her mouth and throwing whatever she can get her hands on.  She’s also become quite the chatterbox.  She’s constantly trying to communicate with laughs, blowing bubbles, and happy squeals.

Lately she’s developed a game of ooo’s.  She purses her lips into the tiniest “oo” until you do the same.  Then she smiles, laughs and the game begins again.  It’s hilarious!  Of course, we’re always happy to oblige in playing along.

We are truly fortunate to have Eliana.  Not a day goes by without our marveling at the precious, beautiful gift God has given us in her.   We treasure her life, her health, and her happy spirit.  She’s growing up quickly before our eyes.  May we be found faithful with this gift who God has entrusted to us.  Thank You, Lord, for the past 23 weeks.  Every day has been a blessing.


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4 responses to “23 Weeks

  1. MaryAnn Barnes

    Eliana gets more and more adorable with every picture you post! I just love her eyes and that smile…..WOW!

  2. mom

    there simply are not enough kisses for her – such a sweet and joyful little blessing! She takes me back 28 years in an instant!

  3. Rachel

    What an adorable little girl. She has such personality! I wish I could meet her in person.

  4. Patience – I don’t know if you can remember me, but Roger and I were the ones from Idaho on the the Cross-Cultural Worship Trip to UK in spring ’05. What a beautiful family you have! So much has happened in your lives over these past 5 years. Wow! I can see how faithful God has been. Hey, I’ve got some questions for you about Liberty…our son is attending there now. Can you email me at rogandjen@bdawg.net? Thanks

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