Back To Chapel Hill

Tomorrow we’re traveling back to Chapel Hill.  More specifically, UNC Children’s Hospital.

A few months back, we received a call from their Patient Relations department.  They were working on forming a small advisory group of families who had previous experience with their Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for the purpose of improving family care on the unit.  We were both surprised and humbled to have been nominated by the medical staff for this group.

As most of you know, we spent nearly 5 months living on the PICU back in ’07 with our son, Isaac.  We were very involved in his care, often working alongside the medical staff as decisions were made and issues discussed.  He received excellent medical care from UNC as did our whole family on a personal level.

I’m very excited for this opportunity to go back to the Children’s Hospital.  I’ll be sitting in on multidisciplinary rounds for the PICU to give my observations and feedback on how they can better involve parents in their child’s medical care.  The hope and goal is to optimize the experience for future PICU families.  Patient Relations plans to develop a focus group in the months ahead for continued improvement of family care on the unit.  I’m deeply grateful that we were suggested for this process, knowing that our experiences in Chapel Hill with Isaac will be used to improve care for future families of critically ill children.

We appreciate your prayers tomorrow as we return to Chapel Hill.  I’m greatly looking forward to this opportunity, but also realize I may experience unexpected emotions on seeing familiar faces while returning to the place we lived with our son.  Our prayer is God would use our journey for the betterment of others, to be His voice of encouragement and insight to the medical staff, and above all that the love of Jesus would flow out of us to everyone we encounter on the unit.


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9 responses to “Back To Chapel Hill

  1. Kristina Harrell

    Praying for you guys. How awesome, another way of honoring Isaac’s life & the impact he had (and still does) on so many.

  2. Amanda B

    I will be praying for you both!! I’m praying for Divine appointments!! 🙂

  3. Nicole Coyle

    Awesome!!! What a sweet opportunity. You guys will be perfect. We’ll be praying for you tomorrow as you are back in that familiar place.

  4. Rebekah King

    Oh this sweet blog has me in tears. What an amazing opportunity to be the light of Jesus to people grasping for hope. There is a co-worker of ours who just had their 2nd set of twins. One of them has a heart defect and was at UNC for a few weeks until today. One surgery was done at 3 lbs and another will be done later when she’s bigger. Makes me smile knowing you will be furthering quality care and encouragement.

  5. Amy

    What a fantastic opportunity. We will be praying!

  6. Christal

    Isaac’s testimony has grown bigger than you or anyone could have EVER expected! Whatever happens tomorrow… God is in it! Can’t wait to see in what new ways God uses the epic story of little Isaac. 🙂

    BTW- Cherish every moment of Holland, you will have plenty of time to shift your attention back to Italy when you get back.

    ❤ you guys and I'm praying for you!

  7. mom

    As we were talking tonight with Steven and Barb, Isaac’s, and your impact on people’s lives will be eternal! I smiled to read Chrystal remembered Holland – such a beautiful, abiding place. I think of it often….

  8. Patience, It’s been a long time since I’ve read any blogs… I’ve missed you guys. 🙂 Your daughter is so sweet and beautiful. I will be praying for you going back to Chapel Hill… and for you and Jordan’s new adventures in life. 🙂

  9. G Smith

    remember Esther. for such a time as this

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