Haiti Relief

Not a moment goes by without the thought of Haiti close to mind.  As I sit here – typing on a laptop in a warm, comfortable apartment, with sounds of laughter coming from my daughter in the next room- I struggle to wrap my mind around the ongoing crisis just a few thousand miles south of us.  Questions of why flood the mind and I’m reduced to a state of wonder.  Why is it that I was born here rather than Haiti?  Such tragedy could happen to any of us.  Why them?  Why not me?  Why?

In light of the devastation in Haiti, we who are elsewhere have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to rise up and respond.  Now is the time for action, for compassion, for sacrifice and steadfast prayer.  James 1.27 states that religion pleasing to our God is to look after widows and orphans in their distress.  Join me in partnering with the following organizations that are on the ground in Haiti, meeting the need.

May we be found faithful in this hour by swift response and vigilant prayer on behalf of those who are suffering.

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