Charlie Baer

Several months back, I received an email from an old friend from high school, Josh Baer.  He & his wife, Marina, were expecting twins – Noah and Charlie.  Everything with the pregnancy was going smoothly until they got some shocking news: Charlie had HLHS (the same congenital heart defect that Isaac was born with).  Its news that rocks you to the core and shakes your whole perspective of the future for your little one.

On April 26, Charles Matthew and Noah Raymond arrived safe and sound.  They are adorable little boys!

Thankfully, no other congenital problems have been discovered with Charlie.  He underwent his first open-heart surgery at 3 days old and is currently on ECMO to aid in his recovery.  Please join me in praying for Charlie and his family.  Their journey hits close to home for us.  We know from experience the profound importance of prayer and encouragement in this.  Please join us in passing along that same support to the Baers.  Not only are Josh & Marina diligently caring for Charlie, but caring for sweet Noah as well at home.  They truly are a wonderful family.  You can follow their story at The Baer Bunch blog.


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4 responses to “Charlie Baer

  1. chris

    My darling girl! God has carried you thru Isaac’s journey, preparing you in a very unique way to be able to ‘comfort with the comfort you were comforted with.’ I have been praying for Josh’s family and of course you since we met with them at Panera. You will be His hands, His feet as these dear friends walk a path you have walked.

  2. My friend James, called a few months ago to tell me that his sister, Alison, had received news that the baby she was carrying had HLHS. Ayden, is a precious boy and just turned 2 weeks old today.

    As I’ve followed Alison’s (Ayden’s mom’s) blog (, Isaac has been on my mind. And both of your families have been in my prayers…I will add the Baers as well.

    (By the way…the pictures at the top of your blog are amazing and precious!)

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