Hopes & Dreams

Back in January, I asked readers what they would like to read about on LeinoLife.  One question that stood out to me was “What are your hopes and dreams for Eliana?” Where to begin?!

Just the thought of answering this question fills me with emotions overwhelming.  How do you put it into words?!  My greatest dream for Eliana is that she would give her life to Jesus and live for Him all the days of her life, that she would know without a shadow of a doubt that God created her with greatness in mind, and that she is completely loved simply for being herself.  I want her to be able to understand the limitless love of her Heavenly Father because it has been modeled day in and day out by her wonderful earthly father.  I want her to love the Scriptures, to base her life around them, and to live out Christ’s love each day.  I want her to live life to the fullest.

My prayer is she would grow to be a woman of purity and integrity, compassion and courage.  I hope that she will always know how valuable her life is and that I am always proud of her.  I hope that as she grows in physical beauty, her inner beauty shines even brighter.  I hope she is a good steward of whatever gifts God has placed within her.  I hope she works hard, dreams larger than life, and never ever gives up on her goals.  May God mold me to raise her to live according to His Spirit – one of power, love, and a sound mind.  May she never look at life through the lens of fear but of faith.  Whenever she faces an obstacle, may she never cower in fear but rise up to meet the challenge head on.  When life knocks her down, may she always get back on her feet and press on.  I hope that one day, she marries a godly man who has saved himself fully for her, who loves her with every ounce of his being, and who is fully submitted to Jesus.  I hope that she marries a man like her daddy – a man who fleshes out God’s love for her.

Eliana Faith.  May she be a woman of joy, grace, and wisdom; of power, strength, and love.  May she always know that her parents love her and are proud of her.  May she grow to accept Christ as her Savior and live all her days for His glory.  May she be fully herself without fear and ever be at peace with who God has created her to be.  May she experience all the blessings and gifts God desires for her.

There is so much I hope and dream for this sweet little girl.  She is more than I ever imagined.  But above all – above my own hopes and dreams for her – may she walk in the destiny that her Creator has in store for her.  And may I ever be molded and shaped to parent her towards that destiny.  Help me, Lord.  Eliana is one of your most precious gifts to me.  May I be found faithful as her mom.


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6 responses to “Hopes & Dreams

  1. Corinne

    This is beautiful Pai, I can’t wait to read this to baby girl when she is a bit older. what an incredible example you are setting for her! I love you!

  2. Jane

    very well written, as usual 🙂 can i copy it??? those are my dreams & hopes for all 4 sons…….
    ahhh, God’s precious gifts to me…..

  3. Heather Hopkins


    This is awesome!! You’re a wonderful mother and Eliana is so lucky to have you and Jordan!!!

  4. Rachel E.

    You are such a beautiful mom, inside and out, Patience. How different the world would be if every young mom were like you! May all your hopes & dreams for your precious daughter come true.

  5. 1-LOVE that picture of your beautiful family.

    2-You are an amazing mom.

    3-You are a beautiful writer.

  6. What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!

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