Fun Fact Friday

– Nutella Banana Crepes are calling my name.  Don’t they sound delicious?!

– My 10 yr High School Reunion is next month in Annapolis.  I’m stoked!  (and way to young for a 10 yr H.S. Reunion to be here already) 🙂

– Still will never, ever eat a Red Packer hot dog.  Nope.

– SYTYCD is back on!!!  (its a fav)

– I’ve always been a milk chocolate fan.  But ever since I was pregnant with Eliana, I can’t stand it.  Now its dark chocolate all the way!  Strange, huh?

– As far as female song writers are concerned, I think Mia Fields, Brooke Fraser, Christy Nockels, and Nichole Nordemon are fantabulous.

– Sorbet of choice: Ciao Bella’s Blackberry Cabernet

– Today is going to be great!  Happy Friday, everyone!


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2 responses to “Fun Fact Friday

  1. Happy Friday to you too!!!!! Have a Blessed Memorial Day weekend!!!!!

  2. Kelly Via

    My taste buds have also changed over to dark chocolate – it is now my preferred candy. Strange, huh? Nichole Nordeman is a fav of mine as well – however, I haven’t heard anything new from her in a long time – even though I still enjoy her older stuff… Has she released any new music recently?

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