Season’s Eatings

With Christmas a mere five days away, I find myself faced with a simply scrumptious task today: planning dishes for the festivities to come.  We’re spending Christmas Eve & Day at home this year, making our own family dining traditions.  Jordan and I both are blessed with delicious memories of hearty breakfasts & delectable dinners growing up.  This leads to one stark dilemma however: which recipes do we make our own?!

So I’ve taken to the task of exploring new dishes to add to our current stacked arsenal of holiday fare.  To be honest, its all a bit daunting.  Two recipes keep jumping off the pages to my palate:  Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls and Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon.  I can’t even look at these recipes without salivating!

What favorite food traditions does your family have for Christmas Eve/Day?

The search continues…


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3 responses to “Season’s Eatings

  1. Jackie Parks

    Just a little FYI! 🙂 I made Pioneer woman’s cinnamon rolls a couple of weeks ago for some guests we had with us. THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had some City Dock coffee in my coffee maker (thanks to my mom who sent it!) and those in the oven and it smelled like I was back sitting in our favorite coffee shop. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!! I would highly recommend them. (I think Jay ate about 5 in one sitting…disgusting, I know… 🙂 )

    Miss you and Love you! Hope you are all doing great!!


  2. Lara Keever

    We do the big dinner and presents on Christmas Eve, and I’m Ukrainian and Polish on my mom’s side, so we always do Ukrainian and Polish dishes for Christmas dinner: pierogis, holubtsi (cabbage rolls), and borscht (beet soup). Soooo yummy!

    I like your tradition of doing a nice breakfast, too. I might have to start that tradition for Christmas morning.

  3. Kristi Servies

    The rolls sound great, but I miss real Philly Sticky Rolls. Not a big fan of maple icing here. And for traditional food, we have lasagna or stuffed shells either Christmas Eve or for Christmas dinner. Two of my sisters are nurses, so we always worked meals around their work schedules. We also did presents Christmas Eve and then Santa Christmas morning. One Christmas Eve, the whole extended family was in Richmond for our family Christmas. The power went out due to an ice and snow storm shortly after we arrived. We finished cooking dinner on my sister’s wood stoves.

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