Boy Or Girl??

Today’s the day!  At 11a, our family of three will be at Rex Hospital for my 18-week Level 2 ultrasound.  The docs will be checking every inch of our little one, examining every organ and measuring everything possible.  (One of the hidden blessings of having a baby born with a congenital heart defect, you get lots of amazing ultrasounds for all your other pregnancies.  And they’re all covered!)  We may even be able to get our first 4-D image of Baby Leino #3.

Please join us in praying for the appointment: for our bundle-o-joy to cooperate w/the ultrasound to examine all the organs & such, for peace of mind during the appointment, and for a healthy report.

AND!  If our baby cooperates, we’ll be able to learn whether we’re having a BOY or a GIRL!!!!  I have a hunch.  What’s your vote???

Stay tuned…


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9 responses to “Boy Or Girl??

  1. Heidi

    Boy! I say boy, No reason, I just day boy;)

  2. Tim Epling

    BOY!!! praying for you right now!

  3. Bobby Medlin

    I think it will be a boy! Praying for u and the family today!

  4. Valerie

    I am going to guess a Girl! Praying for you Patience and Jordan!

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