It’s A…..


Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf!  Relief and joy only scratch the surface of what we’re feeling right now.  After the sonographer spent 45 minutes measuring and looking at every tiny inch of our little fella, the doctor came in casually to say, “Well everything looks great!  I’ve been through all the footage and see nothing that would give me cause for concern.  You’re having a healthy baby boy.  Any questions?”

That was it!  No “brace yourself” conversations, no sitting down and going over details.  Just “Looks good!”  WHAT A GIFT!  As soon as I heard, “it’s a boy” during the exam, my heart skipped a bit.  We’ve been blessed with a healthy girl but would we be able to have a son who was healthy?  Praise be to God Almighty for His kindness and favor!

So come this June, we’ll be a family of four.  Dad, Mom, Eliana & Little Mister.  Now the epic name search begins…


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20 responses to “It’s A…..

  1. Kelly

    YAY! Congratulations!! I am so excited for you and your family! Welcome, Baby Boy Leino!!

  2. Yay!!! Praise the Lord for a HEALTHY baby boy! So glad. We’ve been (and will continue, to pray:)

    Love ya’ll!

  3. So very happy to hear this news! Praise God!!!

  4. Todd Byers

    Congratulations, wonderful news. When it comes to the epic search, the one ‘boy rule’ is that the name can not get him beat up in kindergarten. I would give you an example, but with my luck, it’s the name of your favorite uncle.

  5. Terri Roy

    YAY!!!! Again, we are so very happy for you! What a precious blessing! Love ypou guys!

  6. Such great news!!

    I do, though, ALREADY, think of you as a family of 4… even though Isaac is in heaven and not here with you. Just wanted you to know 🙂

    I will be curious to hear about your name choice for the little man! You and I have emailed before… we have a son named Isaac who passed away, and like you, were then blessed with a healthy baby girl who we also named Eliana!! We have a boy name picked out should we get pregnant with a little guy… curious to see if you guys pick the same one we’re thinking of!

    Congrats, again, on the great news. So happy for a flawless report! God is gracious!

  7. Patience, I don’t even know you (I found your blog through Corinne, who I went to HS with) and I am seriously tearing up for you! What an amazing gift for a healthy little boy! Congratulations to you FOUR and have so much fun with the name searching. We’re having a healthy boy in April and cannot wait 🙂 Many blessings to you!

  8. Tim

    Oh Ya that’s what I’m talking about. PTL & I’m not referencing the TV show!!!

  9. Rachel

    Had to hold back tears in Panera! Praise God!! I love you guys and I’m so thankful he’s blessing you guys with another boy. Wow. Grace.

  10. Niki

    Congratulations!!!!! That is so exciting and we are so happy for your family!

  11. karen

    congrats to jordan, patience, and eliana on a healthy baby boy!!! how very exciting!!!

  12. Yeah! Rejoicing with you over this beautiful news. Praying for continued health for you both through this pregnancy.

  13. Tawny

    I don’t think I could be anymore happy for you guys! What an excellent surprise to such wonderful people. I don’t know anyone more deservent then you two! God bless and I can’t wait to meet little mister!

  14. Patrick Roddy

    Blessings, Blessings, Blessings,

    God is so good!


  15. Dad Leino

    Healthy is the best news ! Praise the Lord ! Eliana is going to love having a little brother. Mom & I love you all very much !

    Proud Grandpa (of 7… far)

  16. Kristina

    We are so excited for you guys. Can’t wait to hear the name you select. We will continue to pray for you guys. Eliana is going to be a great big sister I’m sure.

    The Harrell’s

  17. Taneha

    I’m so happy for you both! Congratulations!

  18. Heather Miller

    Congrats Leinos!! As always, can’t wait to hear what you’ll name your Little Mister. 🙂

  19. Amy

    Oh, so thrilled to hear this awesome report. God is so good! Excited to hear what his name will be. So happy for you all!!!

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