Half-Way There

Today, I am 20 weeks pregnant!  Its shocking really that this pregnancy is already half-way over.  Just a few short months ago, I was in the best shape of my married life as I ran my first half marathon.  Little did I know that as I ran those 13.1 miles, a new life was just days old and growing within me.  No wonder the nausea lasted so long after the race!  20 weeks later, my runners’ body has given way to a baby bump and maternity wear.  (Sadly, this week brought the stark realization that I can no longer fit into my normal skinnies.  *sigh*  So long, favorite jeans.  Hopefully we’ll meet again in a years’ time.)

This pregnancy has been quite different than my previous prenatal journeys.  For one, I’ve experienced nearly no nausea (thank You, Jesus!) which is a far cry from the others.  I was always on the verge of puking throughout my first two.  With nausea next to nil and migraines occurring no more than usual, this physically has been a much easier pregnancy so far.  It seems my hormones have made up for the lack of sickness though as I’ve been very emotional since day one.  Poor Jordan.  I can be laughing one moment and then uncontrollably weeping the next.  Definitely moody as well.  Jordan, you are the most patient man!  Thank you for loving me in spite of me and for finding humor in my randomness.  You are more than wonderful.

As far as memory goes, it seems the brain dies just a bit more with each pregnancy.  That’s how it feels anyways.  I’ve forgotten names of people I’ve known for years (30 minutes into talking with them!), put the cutting board away in the fridge – twice, asked Jordan the same question 5 times in a row without realizing it, and searched fervently for keys that I was holding IN MY HAND.  Goodness.  My family has certainly enjoyed much entertainment on account of my forgetfulness.  Not that it makes it any easier.  To be honest, I just feel stupid during those moments but my sweet husband never makes fun of my absent-mindedness.  Lord, seriously bless him!

Above all the changes, discomforts, quirks and emotions, this new child is a gift!  This growing life has taught me much about trusting God’s will and provision.  I’m fully aware that God is the One who ultimately places children in their mother’s wombs and that He has different journeys for different women.  To simply be pregnant is a privilege, one for which I am truly grateful.  Since learning at last week’s ultrasound that we were having a healthy baby boy, I’ve experienced waves of emotions.  A son!  We’re having a baby boy whose organs are all forming correctly!  It still brings tears to my eyes knowing we’ve been given another opportunity to love and parent a sweet boy.  While we are quite far from having a name picked out (QUITE far), I’m so eager to meet our son face-to-face in a few months’ time.  Will he have his daddy’s rich brown eyes?  Will he have red hair like his brother or bright green eyes like his grandparents?  I can hardly wait!

20 weeks down.  20 weeks to go.  Lord, thank You for growing this precious child in me thus far.  Please continue to mold him physically and even emotionally to be a strong champion for You once he’s here.  Thank you all who read our blog for your prayers on our behalf.  What a blessing.

Now I’m off to get out all of my maternity clothes as life is about to get much, much larger….


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3 responses to “Half-Way There

  1. Aunt Rinny

    HAHAHAAHAH I laughed out loud as I read this. You are the cutest, most entertaining pregnant lady ever. You just wait for when I am pregnant, oh man. This is why we must be pregnant at the same time, to entertain our family and the world around us! Also to go cry for hours and eat Georgetown cupcakes.

    I love you

  2. Sara Shallop

    He’s beautiful.

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