Hump Day

Well, it’s here again.  Wednesday.  Hump Day.  The half-way marker to the week.  A barometer really of whether the week has been trying or flying.  Either “wow, this week is flying by!” or “Is it really only half-way over yet?!”

For me, this week has both crept and flown.  Battle of the Sinuses for the past two days has rendered me feeling somewhat unproductive and wanting to just crawl in bed for the day and sleep.  On the other hand, life’s to-do’s, meetings, caring for my baby girl who is under the weather again, keeping up with my reading plan (more on that later) has made the days since Sunday seem to race by.  Quite a funny place to be – feeling both lazy and über productive.  Hmm.

So Happy Hump Day, everyone!  Whether today is the marker of getting through or time seeming to escape your grasp, my hope for us all is that we would remember this above all: God’s mercies for us are new at the break of every dawn. (Lamentations 3.22-24)  Even on a Hump Day.

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