The Little Things

I find myself quite reflective these days.  Be it the start of a new year or the constant flux of pregnancy hormones, I’m in a season of taking stock over my life – past, present & hopes for the future.  Certainly there have been struggles and trials, seasons deep in the valleys of life.  But as our pastor recently said, “While we love times on the mountaintops, growth happens in the valley.”  How true!  Yes, my life has not been perfect.  No, the road has not always been paved with ease and grace.  But in surveying the paths I’ve traveled and taking in all that surrounds me in current days, I’m left with only one conclusion: I am grateful and blessed.

There are many big things I’m thankful for: Jesus, my husband, my children, family, church, our home, health, friendships.  Yet there are a multitude of little things I am absolutely grateful for as well.  Here are but a few:

After knowing him for 8 years, Jordan still gives me butterflies.  His hugs always make a crazy moment instantly fill with peace.  His music.  His ability to bring out the best in everyone around him.  Eliana’s random, unsolicited hugs and kisses.  Her laughter.  Her ability to breathe and eat and grow on her own.  White cells.  How nearly every conversation with my mom and sister somehow revolve around delicious food in some way or another.  The ability to bear children.  Warm blankets.  The Bible.  Crème brûlée.  Apple’s genius bar.  UNC Hospital’s PICU and commitment to excellence.  My brother’s creativity and stories (seriously, he has the ability to develop characters like no one else!).  Clean running water.  No matter the weekend nor the topic, every Sunday at Journey Church leaves me challenged, encouraged and changed in my walk with Christ.  Blackberry Cabernet sorbet by Ciao Bella.  Hot showers.  Jordan’s laugh.  My mom’s spunk, wisdom and example of trusting God in every circumstance.  Life Group.  Quad group.  The ability to read, write and sing.  My husband continues to love and serve me despite all my faults and failings.  Photographs.  After 5 years of marriage, Jordan and I still find ourselves laughing together daily.  How God can redeem and restore anything for His glory.  His faithfulness.  Coffee.  Scarves.  Journey’s worship team.  Relationships that inspire and challenge me.  Eliana’s awesome dance moves every time the theme song to VeggieTales plays.  A safe, working vehicle.  Snug socks.  Jordan’s humor, work ethic and wisdom.  Heat and air conditioning.  God’s provision and growth to Leino Studios.  Taste buds.  Eye sight.  Sunshine.  God’s ability to turn trials into triumphs.  2007.  2009.  Heck, every year that I’ve been given!  Life.

These are but a few of the million little things I’m thankful for.  What little things are you grateful for today?

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