Pineapple Pie

This weekend found me in a baking mood.  (Be aware – I do not proclaim to be the most proficient baker at all!  I’d much rather cook than bake, but preggo hormones had me craving something sweet.)  Part of my morning routine is to visit The Pioneer Woman’s website and see if any of her kitchen concoctions spark my curiosity.  Well Friday was no exception.  The delectable image of pineapple pie covered in a meringue topping caught my eye and as the weekend went on, I could not get it out of my mind.

By Saturday night, I had a baking itch that I simply could not scratch.  So with the necessary ingredients assembled, I grabbed my favorite apron and got to work.  20 minutes later, this lovely pie emerged from the oven:

Creamy pineapple filling topped with fluffy meringue.  Mmm.  My first attempt at pie – a success!  Simple and scrumptious.  There’s a very strong chance I’ll be baking this one again.

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  1. Steven Sharpe

    Ohhhh that looks so tasty…. :O

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