18 Months & Fabulous!

Eliana Faith is 18 months old today!  Its hard to believe that my sweet baby girl is already a year and a half old.  In a blink she’s gone from a wee bundle in my arms to a running, talking, playful, singing, dancing, giggling little lady.  This little girl talks up a storm!  Lately she likes to count to six.  The words aren’t completely formed but she makes the vowels sounds in order every time with a celebratory “Wee!” when she’s done.  So cute!  Curious about absolutely everything, Eliana’s recent fascinations are putting puzzles together and drawing.

We’re so excited to see her interact with her brother this summer as she’s quite a nurturing little lady.  She loves to rock her baby dolls, “feed” them, and push them in their strollers.  At church, she’s often found bringing toys to the crying kids in her nursery class and chatting it up with everyone.  So sweet!

Eliana received a play car for Christmas and she loves to give her dolls a ride on her car.  With a playful “Go!” she sends them flying across the room.  (We’re still working on the gentle aspect of it all.)

Little Miss is quite an active lady!  She would rather walk than be carried, run than walk, and push her stroller instead of riding in it.  Its humorous to see her independence already.  Once she’s shown how to do something, there’s no doubt that she wants to do it herself.

A favorite place to play for Eliana is in our van.  She laughs every time she pretends to drive!  It entertains her for quite some time, standing at the steering wheel and trying to turn it with all her might.  Its amazing how much kids observe at such a young age.  With keys in hand, she’ll try to put the correct key in the ignition all by her self and sings away during her “drive”.  The only challenge is when its time to leave the drivers’ seat and go back in her car seat for an actual drive.  She just wants to play!

Eliana Faith, you are a beautiful gift from God!  We immediately fell in love with you the moment we met and that love has only grown by leaps and bounds ever since.  You are sweet, intelligent, strong, beautiful and kind.  Your hugs and kisses always melt our hearts and your smile lights up any room.  We are so thankful that God allowed us to be your parents.  You are a blessing through and through.  We are proud of you, sweet girl, and are so excited to see all that lies ahead for you.  Happy 18 Months, Eliana!  What wonderful things are in store for you next!


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4 responses to “18 Months & Fabulous!

  1. Aunt Rinny

    Happy 18 months baby girl!! Aunt Rinny and Uncle B love you and miss you very much!! xoxoxox

  2. Jenn Philpot

    Oh.my.goodness. I love this!!! What a sweet miss!!

  3. Patrick Roddy


  4. Kathleen Lane

    She is so beautiful, Patience! Have you seen the photos of Heather’s little beauty on facebook?

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