Carrot Cupcakes

Ever since my first visit to Georgetown Cupcake in January, I have been craving gourmet cupcakes: moist, decadent and down-right soul-satisfying!  Much to my mouth’s chagrin and my waistline’s delight, D.C. is a five-hour drive away, reducing me to merely dream about their yummy goodness.  So until my next venture to our nation’s capital, I have been in search of recipes that can placate my palate.  *sigh*

Last week, my Mom came across the most amazing recipe in Country Living that has done just the trick!  Carrot Cupcakes.  To say these tasty morsels are delicious would be a stark understatement.  I’ve enjoyed many a fine carrot cake in my life, but none have ever come close to comparing with the flavor and texture of this recipe: carrot cupcake with golden raisins and chopped nuts (we used pecans instead of walnuts…simply out of preference) covered by a dollop of carrot-infused cream cheese frosting and finished with strips of candied carrot on top.  Oh. My. WORD!  The only phrase that comes close to capturing this decadent morsel is “Dangerously Delicious!”

So the next time you’re in the mood for a satisfying treat, skip the local bakery and whip up a batch of these carrot cupcakes for yourself.  It will certainly be worth it!

(click on the recipe for the full size to print)


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3 responses to “Carrot Cupcakes

  1. They were absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing with us & the recipe, can’t wait to share these with my mother-in-law…she loves carrot cake!

  2. Kelly Via

    Readers..If you are thinking about making these…don’t hesitate! They are ABSOLUTELY Delicious!! Coming from a girl who loves chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate (and doesn’t typically want veggies in her desserts), my mouth is watering just thinking about eating another one of these! Five stars!

    Patience, you are a fabulous cook! Thanks for making these, and sharing this recipe!

  3. Kristi

    If you’ve never tried one from the Carrot Cake lady at the State Farmers’ Market, I would highly recommend it. Hers was the absolute best I have ever had. Don’t know if I should hope these are better than hers or not. If they are then I’d have to start making them just for myself. If they’re not, then I still have to buy the expensive ones when I’m in Raleigh.

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