Two Years of Answered Prayers

Eliana Faith is now 2 years old!  Words cannot adequately describe the joy and blessing she is to us.  When we chose her name, meaning “God has answered us”, little did we know how amazing this sweet answer to prayer would be. She has truly been God’s beautiful answer to so many prayers.

She has grown into a delightful, energetic, outgoing little girl.  Her zeal for life is infectious and she sees a friend in every new person she meets.  She is completely fascinated with all things ocean (especially Nemo) and cannot get enough of bubbles or balloons.  Eliana loves to help in the kitchen whenever she can, whether its whisking eggs or helping to measure ingredients.  It always makes me smile to hear her count away or sing, “Yes! (with a lisp) Jesus loves me!”  Ever since Evan came home, she has been an amazing big sister.  She loves covering him with hugs and kisses, saying “its okay!” anytime he cries.  It has overwhelmed me at times to watch her care for her baby brother so sweetly.

Happy Birthday, Eliana Faith!  Thank you for all the beautifully moments over these past two years.  I am so excited to see all God has in store for you this next year.  What a blessing and honor to be your mom!


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4 responses to “Two Years of Answered Prayers

  1. Happy Birthday Eliana! It sounds like you are perfectly suited to the role of big sister 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I am looking forward to seeing your family and baby Evan. What a blessing your growing family continues to be!

  3. Awww I missed this blog! How precious are your children! More pics? Yes Please!

    P.S. every time I go to a certain hospital, I look for your Mom, haven’t seen her in a while, tell her I said hi!


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