At The Hospital…

We’re here at the hospital.  We’ve had a great morning so far getting settled into our room.  Our nurse has been great.  They’ve started the Pitocin, so now we’re waiting for things to progress.  We’ll do what we can to update the blog as the day goes on.  We appreciate your prayers and support!


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4 responses to “At The Hospital…

  1. Jennifer West

    Patience and Jordan,
    I am so happy for you. We have been members at C3 for 3 yrs and have follow your journey in life. You both are an amazing couple. Your faith has helped my husband and I to grow in our walk with Christ. Patience I talked to you the other day at church. I am sorry that I will not be able to be your nurse but I do hope and pray that you have a wonderful experience during this amazing miracle of life joins this world. Looking forward to upcoming post and pictures!
    Jenn West

  2. Thinking of you all SO much! Hope Eliana’s arrival is swift and smooth and that it’s not long at all before she’s in your arms. Can’t wait to see some pictures!
    With love to you all X

  3. Kimberly Marcom

    Good Morning!

    I am so excited and happy to hear that Eliana’s birth has begun and she will soon be in her parents’ precious and loving arms. I am praying for a speedy delivery and God’s grace and provisions throughout this day. Can’t wait to see pictures! Much love….

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