The Gift of 24 Weeks

Today is a day I’ve long wondered about, curious what it would be like.  It has been peculiar indeed.  Peculiar and delightful.  Today, Eliana Faith turned 24 weeks old.  She woke with a smile that never left her face until she lay down to dream tonight.  She laughed with her daddy more than she ever has and sat herself upright for long lengths of time.  Not a sniffle in sight, Eliana is in perfect health.  Her development is right on track and even ahead in some areas.  She’s sweet, strong, and smart.  She’s more than everything we ever hoped she would be at this age.  We truly are blessed to have our Answer To Prayer.

And yet today has been strange.  Today Eliana is the same age Isaac was when he went home to heaven.  I remember that day so vividly.  It was a day of strong emotions, last moments, and goodbyes.  But not today.  Not this 24th week.  No, today was a day of laughter, joy, and blessings.  As I held my perfectly healthy, beautiful daughter, I felt overwhelmed.  She’s made it.  She’s with us and growing more each day.  There have been times since Eliana’s birth when the fear of loss would come knocking at my heart, whispering lies and trepidation over me.  It would come suddenly, speaking “what ifs” and doubts over the future.  Would she make it to the 24th week?  To her first birthday?  What awful surprises lay just around the corner?

I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m growing in trust and knowledge of the One who holds my future.  God surrounded me with grace to walk through Isaac’s early homecoming and His faithfulness is ever before me today in the form of Eliana.  To many, today is just another day of a parent with their child.  But to me, it is and will always be so much more.  Today, Eliana turned 24 weeks old.  It is a sweeter gift than words could ever say.  As the old children’s song goes, “God is so good.  He’s so good to me.”


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12 responses to “The Gift of 24 Weeks

  1. Niki

    Oh Patience…so beautiful. Such a blessed little girl and boy to have a mommy like you.

  2. It occurred to me the other day that This Day would be approaching soon, and so you have been in my thoughts and prayers. What an amazing gift you have been given in Eliana, but what a very special gift Isaac was as well! We celebrate his life with you and also rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness of bringing you a little girl to experience life past 24 weeks! 🙂

  3. Chandra Hester

    What a doll! She is Soooo cute! What a blessing! God is so good to give her to you. I know you both will be great parents to her. God will help you.
    I am praying everyday for you guys( all 3 of you) keep those pictures coming. It blesses my day to see her in pictures.
    Love ya! xoxo

  4. we love you guys!

    Nate & Tricia

  5. It was a pleasure to meet your sweet family last night! I look forward to “keeping up” with you guys through your blog.

    Eliana is just beautiful and after reading your story…I’m sure you realize the blessing of her.

  6. Rachel

    Happy 24 weeks, sweet girl!

  7. mom

    As well for me, today I have been overwhelmed with God’s faithfulness as I delight in every smile, every giggle and every demonstraton of brilliance that Eliana shares with us. And yet today I was compelled to look at most of the several hundred pictures I have of sweet Isaac. Two very different grandchildren, but both perfect for God’s purpose. I am so very blessed to experience God’s faithfulness on my journey to Holland, and to Italy.

  8. Jen K

    I love your mom’s comment (Holland …and Italy) 🙂

    I’m so happy for your guys…Eliana is just precious!

    Oh, and that had to be her picture on Nate’s blog! 🙂

  9. Mom L.

    This day has been on my heart, too. I mentioned that Eliana was the same age as Isaac with friends at dinner on Thursday night. Eliana is such a sweet baby and I know that as she grows and learns of Isaac’s legacy, she will continue to carry the torch his life began. I am very proud of all four of you and I love you very much.

  10. What a gift of both your children. Having Isaac probably taught you more than we’ll ever learn and will make you that much better of a mommy to Elianna.

    I love to refer back to a quote I read on the girltalk blog to calm my fears when it comes to my children. Often I wonder about how I would react if my kids ever got really sick or hurt and then my mind starts to race as if it’s already happened. The quote that I love is “there is no grace in the imagination”. Meaning, God only gives grace for the time that it actually happens and not for some fictional story I’ve made up in my head. You guys often come to mind right after I remind myself that quote and I remember your attitudes and response during those hard days that could have only come from God.

    Love you guys and happy 24 weeks to baby E!

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