Coffee Girl

You’d think I’d learn my lesson the first time or perhaps even the second.  But no.  Three times now Eliana has found my coffee (cold each time), poured it out and proceeded to splash around in the spill…and always over white carpet!  Her reach is much farther than I realized.  She was covered head-to-toe in Starbucks 3 Region goodness.  Hopefully this lesson will stick.  That or I need to invest in Oxyclean stock.


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4 responses to “Coffee Girl

  1. Janet

    Yummmm..she probably smells delicious! I have to keep my iced coffee up high or my three year old will find it and take a sip. He loves it!

  2. Ha! I would probably invest in some Oxyclean as well as put your coffee out of reach. Bryson loves my Starbucks so I have to keep it out of reach! By the way, she is still as cute as she can be covered in coffee polka dots!!

  3. OR you could sit down, relax and enjoy the rest of your coffee before it gets cold. Oh yeah…I guess you’re a mom, so that idea is out the window, ha!

  4. That was Tasha, woops!

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