We Still Believe

Jordan and I spent the past two days at Glorious: Seminars 4 Worship (put on by Integrity Music Live) in Durham, NC.  Two days dedicated to equipping and encouraging those who serve in local church worship teams.  Led by Paul Baloche, Kathryn Scott, and Brian Doerksen, the event covered a broad spectrum of elements that contribute to the worship element in weekend services.  Musical techniques, organizational resources, many Q&A sessions all brought a heightened level of understanding and knowledge to those in attendance.  But what made the greatest impact throughout the event was the genuine humility and gentle spirits of those leading.  Paul, Kathryn and Brian all have reason to boast as experts and carry themselves as ones whom all should listen  to.  But they did not!  Far from it!  These three worship leaders directed all attention and admiration back to God.  In all they said and did, they pointed to Him.  Their example emphasized how there is no need for stardom on the platform but rather sons and daughters of God who adore Him and want to simply use the gifting He has given them to open the door for others to worship Him also.  Paul, Kathryn and Brian are by all standards musical giants, but carried themselves with an air of humble grace and sincere love for the Lord and people.

Throughout the two days at Glorious, we sang many beautiful and powerful songs.  But one song in particular left an indelible mark on both Jordan and me – “We Still Believe” by Kathryn Scott.  If you have not heard it, I highly recommend checking her album out on iTunes to get your own copy.  She eloquently puts to song that in vast array of human experience, no matter the circumstance, God’s goodness and faithfulness always abounds.  No matter what believers may be facing, as the song simply puts, we still believe.

From the thankful heart to the battle-scarred
From the comforted to those who grieve
From the mountaintop to the empty cup
From the waiting to those who have received
We cry out as one

We still believe
We still believe
We still surrender in our hearts
Your faithfulness is our reward
We still believe
We still believe
And though the journey has been hard
We will confess Your goodness, God
We still believe

From the reborn hope to the weary soul
From the quest for truth to those who see
From the soaring wings to the shattered dream
From the broken to those who have been healed
We cry out as one


Through the fire, through the pain
We offer You our “yes” again


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  1. Tawny

    This was such a great experiance to me aswell. Such an awesome thing to see humble hearts who are blessed by God share their wisdom and are still learning themselves. Thank you for sharing:)

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