Green Belts & Cookies

I’m in Chapel Hill for most of this week for Six Sigma Green Belt training.  Full days of learning statistical analysis and other such lovely things, I’m training with my 6 teammates from UNC’s PICU in a project for improving daily communication between families and PICU clinicians.  Its a LOT of work but work that we hope will have a big payoff.

To be honest, this busyness has taken most of my creative energies at the moment.  So I leave you with this – a recipe that I can take absolutely no credit for but one that want to eat RIGHT NOW!  (Call it a preggo craving, but these cookies look friggin’ delicious!)  So pull out your mixers, crank up your ovens, whip out your best apron!

Courtesy of the amazing Tasty Kitchen website, I give you Oreo Cheesecake Cookies.  Let the drooling begin….


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4 responses to “Green Belts & Cookies

  1. Aunt Rinny


  2. Amber Parnell

    I vote you bring these cookies to group next week!! 😉

  3. I made these the other day and they are so easy! I love easy recipes. Thanks for sharing. I must say, there are only four more left! We have a family recipe book and we share recipes every Christmas. I have added this recipe. I have another recipe I added that I think I am going to put on my blog. Not quite as easy, but very good!

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