Eliana has a new favorite game: Peek-A-Boo.  She loves hiding behind things, giggling all the while, then popping out with a cheery, “Boo!”  Of course, I don’t quite think she has fully grasped the concept of a good hiding place yet.


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3 responses to “Boo!

  1. Love it! I have a picture of Areyna at Eliana’s age doing that behind our living room curtains:) My how they grow up…

    I can’t believe she’s about to be a BIG sister!

    You are super cute preggers BTW;)

  2. Kelly Via

    Hahahahaha!! Great job capturing that moment! That will bring a smile to your face for years to come! Super sweet.

  3. not sure what you’re talking about…I don’t see any toddlers in that photo…

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