Pumpkin Deliciousness

All this frigid weather lately has left me with two conclusions: 1 – If its going to be that cold, it ought to be snowing!  Otherwise its just stupid.  2 – I crave chocolate and carbs way more when I’m cooped up inside on blustery days.  Thankfully I’m pregnant.  “The chocolate is for the baby…really!”  In light of this non-girth-friendly realization, I’m sharing a recipe with you all that has brought both warmth and smiles during these weeks of arctic temperatures.  Pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  Mmm…  I can’t take any credit for this recipe.  My dear friend, Abby Lutz, passed it on to me a few months back.  But I can say that it is crazy simple to make and extremely addicting.  So get your baker’s hat on, people!  You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Kelly Via

    Yum! I just ‘happen’ to have some frozen pumpkin puree in my freezer from the holidays…I may just have to use it for this!! Sounds delicious!

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