Big Sister In Training – Pt.2

Eliana continues to show more interest in caring for her baby dolls, taking them everywhere she goes.  Her care always begins with the best intentions…

So close!  Try putting the stroller upright, sweet girl.

Much better!  🙂

Yesterday’s sunny and somewhat warm weather allowed us to have a nice walk around the neighborhood.  Of course, Eliana brought her baby doll along.  She was power walking with that doll!

Work it, girl!

Like any big sister in training, she was sure to check how her “baby” was doing once we reached the clubhouse.

No doubt about it – Eliana Faith is going to be one amazing big sister!



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6 responses to “Big Sister In Training – Pt.2

  1. Yes she is! She is SO cute:) Love that babydoll fling while she struts her stuff!

  2. Aunt Rinny

    hahahahaah I love that girl. I just keep thinking about her hyper moments of banging her head repeatedly yesterday. What a sweetie.

    I think the power walking pic is my fav, she is a girl after her Maima’s heart:)

  3. LeinoLife

    She certainly is! Remember those long walks up the hill in Chatham? “Come on, kids, let’s go!” Gotta love Maima memories 🙂

  4. Amanda Healy

    She is seriously one of THE cutest little girls ever! She will be a wonderful little mommy and a huge helper for you Pai!!

  5. Tricia

    Eliana Faith is too cute. I love to see our little one’s mothering skills come out so young. Except when they decide to throw their baby dolls of course. I love these pictures. She is looking like such a big girl!

  6. Jen

    Sooo cute…LOVE her shoes! :0)

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