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Fun Fact Friday

– Nutella Banana Crepes are calling my name.  Don’t they sound delicious?!

– My 10 yr High School Reunion is next month in Annapolis.  I’m stoked!  (and way to young for a 10 yr H.S. Reunion to be here already) 🙂

– Still will never, ever eat a Red Packer hot dog.  Nope.

– SYTYCD is back on!!!  (its a fav)

– I’ve always been a milk chocolate fan.  But ever since I was pregnant with Eliana, I can’t stand it.  Now its dark chocolate all the way!  Strange, huh?

– As far as female song writers are concerned, I think Mia Fields, Brooke Fraser, Christy Nockels, and Nichole Nordemon are fantabulous.

– Sorbet of choice: Ciao Bella’s Blackberry Cabernet

– Today is going to be great!  Happy Friday, everyone!


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Beach Baby

Our little girl LOVES the beach!  We spent several hours on the Myrtle Beach shoreline yesterday with dear friends, the Grays.  Eliana had a blast digging in the sand, wading in the ocean, and clapping at everyone passing by.  Total cuteness!  (MAD props to Aveeno baby sunscreen!)


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Family Pictures at Duke Gardens

Our good friend, Nathan Lawrenson, shot a family photo session for us as few weeks back at Duke Gardens.  He is an incredible photographer with a powerful story!  The Lawrensons are some of our dearest friends and we are blessed to have them in our lives.  God certainly brought us all together at pivotal times in our own family journeys.  We are so grateful for the many ways God has and continues to work through them.

If you’re even thinking of having family pictures done, you MUST check him out!  You will not be disappointed.  Here are some of our favorite pics:

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Eliana tried something new this week…

…and she loves it!


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Pretty In Pink

Our friend, Nathan Lawrenson, captured this image of Eliana while our families caught up over breakfast this past week.  It was wonderful to see him, Tricia, and Gwyneth.  If you’re not familiar with the Lawrenson’s story, check out his blog this instant!  You’ll be challenged, inspired and truly blessed.  As you can tell, he’s also an amazing photographer.  Thanks again for the pic, Nathan!


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The era of eating puréed foods has begun! We gave Eliana her first taste of apples this past week. Let’s just say that she was not entirely enthused about it.  Poor thing even shivered after every bite!  Not so much fun for her, but hilarious for us!  Oh well.  We’ll just have to try Honey Crisp apples next time. Can’t go wrong with those.  Sorry, honey!  Its good for you, I promise!


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Happy Little Lady


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The Proposal

Five years ago, Jordan asked me to be his wife. I’m still amazed and humbled that he wanted me as his bride. He’s an amazing man and its my joy to walk through life by his side. Here’s the story:

Days before New Years – the day of the historic Tsunami to be exact – I flew home to the States after spending 15 days doing missions work in northern India.  Jordan picked me up at RDU and drove us to Annapolis to spend a belated Christmas with my family.  I had gotten very sick while in India, so the first few days at home were mostly comprised of R&R.  By New Years Eve, I had regained my health.  Jordan had given me a Mikimoto pearl necklace before leaving for India and had promised two more gifts upon my return.  My health returned, he now gave me the remaining gifts.

Jordan had completely restored my very slow, very die-ing laptop – Gift #2.  As I opened my newly functional computer, I saw an invitation.  Gift #3 – New Years Day in Washington D.C.  I was so excited!  New Years Day could not have been more beautiful.  Clear blue skies with cool winter breezes.  We took an early morning Metro ride into the city and spent the entire day in our nation’s capitol.  We took in the sites, walking from monument to monument.  It felt as though we had the whole city to ourselves as we barely saw other people out and about.  That afternoon, we ventured over to Georgetown – my favorite part of D.C. – to walk the streets and peruse the unique shops.  It was a blissful day indeed.  Perfect weather.  Beautiful sites.  Time with my best friend.  Perfect.  Riding the  Metro home that night, I told Jordan that the day could not have been more perfect.  He simply smiled and held me close.  Little did I know the day’s best was yet to come.

As we pulled into Mom’s driveway in Annapolis, Jordan told me my Christmas present was officially over.  Anything from that point on that night was simply just because he loved me.  Mom and Corinne met us at the door as whisked me upstairs.  “Get her ready for our evening, ladies.  We’ll need to be leaving in 20 minutes,” Jordan said.  You see, Jordan had brought me home straight from the airport upon returning from India, so I only had casual clothes with me and most of them still smelled of curry.  20 minutes later, I was stressed in a black sequined outfit, ready for a night on the town.  Walking to the top of the stairs, I saw my Jordan – waiting for me at the bottom,  handsomely sporting a suit & tie.  I had never seen him so dressed up and grew even more curious of what he had in store.

“Since you just got back from several weeks in India, I just wanted to take you out for a classy evening before we head back to Lynchburg.  How does The Melting Pot sound?”  What a delightful surprise!  Of course, Jordan was always doing sweet things for me, so I wasn’t suspicious of anything.  He had a certain table set aside of us with roses waiting.  We spent the next two hours in conversation over delicious fondue, talking about everything from India to our day in D.C. to the future.  I couldn’t help but keep saying, “This has been the perfect day!”

Once dinner was over, Jordan suggested we head to downtown Annapolis to walk around.  Downtown is one of my favorite places on the planet, especially during the Christmas season.  All the historic buildings are decorated in their Christmas finest with beautiful lights illuminating the docks.  A huge Christmas tree filled the roundabout circle by the water and white lights lit the sails of the boats in the bay.   How I love Annapolis!  We parked down by the docks to walk around a bit.  Now if you’ve known Jordan for any amount of time, you’ll know that the man rarely gets cold and even when he does, a light jacket suits him just fine.  Polar opposite of myself!  Well that night was rather cold, so he had brought a wool coat along just in case.  As we got out of the truck, I was already quite cold and asked him if I could wear his coat on top of mine.  Much to my surprise, he said no!  (to this day, this is still the only time he’s ever declined this chivalrous act)  “No.  No, I’m going to wear it.  Let’s go in to Starbucks to get you some hot tea.”

Once I had some delicious hot tea in hand, we walked down to the docks.  What a beautiful night it was.  A full moon shone brightly in the clear night sky, reflecting on the calm Severn River below.  Sailboats and yachts bobbed up and down in the water while the lights of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge could be seen in the distance.  Not a soul was in sight.  Just me and my Jordan on that cold New Years night.  Arriving at the water’s edge, Jordan pulled a letter from his coat pocket.  He proceeded to read me his heartfelt words, professing his love and all that he adored in me.  His letter spoke of our relationship and our journey to that point.  He spoke of all he saw in me now and in the future.  He wrote of the wife and mother he knew I would be one day.  As he read the two pages, I was overwhelmed.  This amazing man loved me.  Me!  Even to this day, I’m still amazed by it.  As I held my hot tea, his words washed over me and all I could feel was grateful and blessed.  But still not suspicious at all.  Quite clueless actually.  Jordan had written me many beautiful letters before so I simply thought, “How lovely! A New Years letter!”  He finished the letter and held me close.  “I love you, Patience.”  “I love you too, Jordan.”  And with that, I took another warming sip of my tea.  Clueless.

As soon as I had lowered my cup, my heart stopped.  There before me was the man I loved, down on one knee with a box in his hand.  With a nervous smile and love in his eyes, Jordan Leino asked me to be his wife!  He had pulled the ring from his coat pocket when I sipped my tea. (No wonder he wouldn’t let me wear it!)  I quickly said yes and he rose to wrap his strong arms around me.  Burying my head in his chest, I was in utter shock!  He had completely taken me by surprise.  A few moments later, Jordan held up the little box.  “Um…I’ve got a ring too if you’d like to see it.”  I had been so overwhelmed by his proposal that I’d completely forgotten about the ring.  And what a ring!  He slipped the platinum and diamonds on to my finger and my shock grew all the more.  It was gorgeous!  We stayed on the docks for a while, Jordan beaming from ear to ear and me still in a state of amazement.   The man of my dreams – a man who far exceeded any hope I’d ever had – he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  All of his plans and detailed work had culminated in the perfect proposal.  When we both were too cold to stay outside any longer, we left downtown and headed back to my mom’s house to announce our engagement.  What a night it was.  It had truly been the perfect day.

So there you have it.  Nine months after the proposal, Jordan and I wed on a beautiful fall day in Maryland.  We have been married for over 4 years now.  They have been the greatest, most adventure-filled years of my life.  I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my days as Jordan’s wife.  The best is yet to come.


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A November Wedding

We traveled up to Lynchburg, VA, last month for my sister’s wedding.  On November 6th, Corinne married Brad McGowan.

Their lovestory is absolutely beautiful – one of prayer, patience, and joy.  We are thrilled to now have Brad in our family.  Its clear they are God’s best for each other.

It was certainly a wedding to remember.  The evening began with worship and prayer.  The reception went late into the night with music and dancing.  Every moment between was saturated in joy and celebration for the newlyweds.  Here are a few pics from the night (courtesy of Sam Stroud Photography)

Congratulations, McGowans!!  We love you both!

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Well, Eliana’s due date has arrived and so far, our darling little girl has not.  She’s still active as can be…just not in the direction I would prefer.   As of yesterday’s weekly OB appointment, I’m 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced & she’s -2 in position.  I thought it would be fun to start a pool for when you think she’ll actually be here.  The prize – the thrill of knowing you totally called it! 🙂  Wager away!


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The Bump

I’ll be 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Where has the time gone?!  Little Miss Leino has been very energetic these past few days.  I love it!  Perhaps she’ll be a feisty red-head like her mama 🙂  So after many requests, here’s an up-to-date pic of “The Bump”.  Enjoy!The Bump - 33 Weeks


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Jumping on the Bandwagon

Over the past several weeks, “25 Random Things” about oneself have been circling blogging & facebook circles.  So I figure its about time I jump on the bandwagon and share 25 random somethings about moi!

1 – I’m still absolutely amazed that Jordan would choose me as his wife and think myself to be the  most blessed woman on earth because of it.

2 – My hometown is Annapolis, Maryland.  I think everyone should visit at least once in their life as its one of my favorite places on earth.  Nothing like sipping on a hot cup of tea downtown while you watch the sailboats and yachts go by.  Can’t wait to visit again.

3 – Growing up, I hated my name.  Being an energetic, strong-willed, red-headed child with the name “Patience”…not always a good fit.  For a time, I even saved up money to legally change my name to Tiffany.  Thank goodness that phase passed.  Now, I love my name!  Its my story in a nutshell and a reminder of all I still have to learn.

4 – I wouldn’t trade our journey with Isaac for anything in the world and can’t wait to kiss his sweet cheeks again.  His was a life well and fully lived.

5 – I will never, ever, EVER eat a Red Packer Hot Dog.  Its just not gonna happen.

6 – Music brings me such delight.  I’m passionate about anything musical that’s done with finesse and taste.  Whether its a classical piece, a jazz trio, tight vocal harmonies or Jordan creating new pieces on the keys, I just love it.  As far as lyrics are concerned, Nichole Nordeman , John Mayer and Brooke Frasier are lyrical geniuses.  Both poetic and profound.  Wish I could craft lyrics the way they do.

7 – In the 12 months after my college graduation, I traveled to the UK, Romania, & India on missions trips.  Really enjoyed Edinburgh and Vienna…absolutely beautiful.  The time in Romania changed my life!  Honestly thought I might move there…even started learning Romanian for a while.  Hope to go back and visit one day.

8 – I’m a word/grammar freak.  I’m that kid who enjoyed diagramming sentences in school and learning parts of speech.  Yup, I’m a word nerd.  Ever since grade school, I always read books with a dictionary handy, just in case I come across a word I don’t know yet.  I just think language is fabulous!

9 – The past three and a half years of marriage have been the best years of my life.  And the adventure has only just begun…

10 – I look horrible as a blonde.  Totally washes me out.

11 – I really enjoy gourmet food and trying new dishes.  One day, I hope to go on a Mediterranean cruise and eat my way around the Greek Isles. 🙂

12 – I’m allergic to grass.

13 – Lacrosse is my sport.  Played right attack wing all through high school.  Would have continued in college if LU had it when I  as there.

14 – Still don’t understand why strangers find it appropriate to walk up and rub my stomach when I’m pregnant.  Its tempting to rub their bellies…just to return the favor.

15 – I don’t and will never drink alcohol.  Not that drinking is wrong.  Its just something I will not ever bring into my life.

16 – My mom is my hero.  She’s stronger, wiser, and more enduring than anyone I’ve ever met.  One of my life-long prayers is that she will understand just how truly precious and priceless she is.

17 – The only bones I’ve ever broken are my pelvis and my skull.  Curious, aren’t you?

18 – Nothing beats Crab Imperial by Phillips in Downtown Annapolis.  Yum!

19 – I apparently look absolutely livid anytime I’m working on the computer or concentrating on something.  I’m told I’ve done this since I was a little girl.  Mom’s got the pics to prove it.  Jordan just laughs at it.  Really, I’m not mad!  Just focused.

20 – This pregnancy has me craving all things cinnamon and asian food (hibachi style and Pei Wei).

21 – I can’t wait to meet our little girl!  Now, if only we could figure out her name…

22 – Were time and resources not a factor, I’d go to medical school and culinary school…just to learn it!  Since our time in UNC, medicine fascinates me.  Its amazing to see God’s handiwork in the human body.  Culinary school would be such a blast!  To add actual knowledge and technique to my existing love of cooking…how much fun would that be?!

23 – Fresh-from-scratch croissants from Weaver Street Market are my treat of choice – any day, any time.

24 -Exodus is one of my favorite books in the among the many.  Its incredible to see the parallels between Israel’s journey and the human experience.  I see something new every time I read it.  God’s Word is the GREATEST literary work ever created.  Thank you, Lord, for it!

25 – 2009 will be an incredible year, in ways I don’t think I can realize right now.  I’ve just got a feeling 🙂  The best is yet to come!


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