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“Fickle” barely scratches the proverbial surface of this winter’s weather in North Carolina.  No exaggeration – we’ve enjoyed sunny 70s one day then blizzard-like snow and temps well below freezing the next!  Just yesterday we opened windows, pulled out flip flops and played in the sun.  Tonight a thick ice blanket has Raleigh wrapped tight.  One certainly cannot gauge tomorrow’s weather by temperatures today.

It’s a lot like us, isn’t it?  We soar high on successes one day only to wake to struggles the next.  Today’s experiential climate does not guarantee the same tomorrow.  Perhaps the kids screamed all day.  They might wake tomorrow all smiles.  Did you hold your ground against that tugging temptation today?  Fantastic!  The fight to stay steadfast begins again in the morning.  Just as the snow tonight does not predetermine the sun’s warmth tomorrow, so previous missteps and misfortunes cannot dictate circumstances to come.  We are fickle creatures.

Oh what blessed comfort we find in the steadfast love of God!  Surely as the night’s black will light with the coming dawn, so He lavishes fresh mercies upon us every morning!  Even the most unpredictable weather screams this truth for no matter the day’s forecast, the sun still shines.  Whether warm or cold, windy or still, that magnificent orb of light remains, keeping all elements in our galaxy circling in precise orbit.  The darkest places on earth will never determine the strength of this celestial saturating light.  Snowfall here cannot negate the sun’s consuming heat; it simply stands as a temporary barrier to us experiencing warmth.

Has today wrung you out like a discarded rag?  Rejoice that God’s abundant mercy offers you a fresh start tomorrow. Did today go better than you could have hoped?  Thank Him for His generous grace!  So long as breath fills your lungs, He purposes hope on your behalf. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Come balmy breezes or ravenous storms, may we rest assured knowing the sun remains.  After all, only He knows what tomorrow’s forecast may hold with grace strong to cover it all.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23


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Friday Facts

  • I’m 27 weeks pregnant today.  Little Man Leino has become quite a busy-body.  He is definitely strong, kicking and moving his arms with far more force than my other two kiddos at this stage.  At times it feels like he’s doing somersaults or boxing.  I can’t wait to meet this feisty little guy in June!
  • The warmer weather has allowed Eliana to spend much more time outside and she has loved it!  She wants to be outdoors every chance she gets.  Often her first word in the morning is “outside?”  Such a happy little girl.  Whether she’s flying kites with Daddy, helping Maima in her garden or coloring on the porch in a hula skirt, Eliana has a blast anytime she’s in the sun.

  • Leino Studios had a fabulous first week in its new location.  We are so thankful for the new space God provided for Jordan’s business.  Though we are still putting some final decorating touches on the space, Jordan has already enjoyed the benefits of having much more space for all his musical and business needs.  A step forward in every way, we’re excited to see all that is in store for the Studio in this next season.
  • Our little girl loves to sing!  Any time music is playing, she’s singing and dancing along.  Maima has been teaching Eliana the words and motions for “Itsy, Bitsy Spider”.  It amazes me to watch her pick up phrases and hand motions so quickly.  I found her trying to get one of her baby dolls to do the motions this past week.  Precious!
  • Journey just finished a series on Love.  Boy, has it impacted me!  Over four weeks, our church took an in-depth look into what Scripture says about Love: God’s love, our love for Him, our love for others and our love for ourselves.  I’ve found myself reading through my notes over and again, wanting to listen to the sermons more than once as they have really challenged me to grow and convicted me in areas I certainly need it.  I highly encourage everyone to take the time to listen to the messages.  Since Jesus said that the world will know His disciples by our love, its an area we all could grow in.
  • Well the sunshine and an energetic little lady are calling me outside.  Be sure to check back here on Monday as I’ll be sharing the most amazing carrot cupcake recipe I have ever tasted!  Seriously….BEST EVER!  Happy weekend, everyone!

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Day At The Beach

Our family traveled to Brandon, FL, this past weekend to visit Jordan’s family.  Between the good company and beautiful weather, it was a great trip.  We spent Saturday at Vero Beach visiting his grandmother, Virginia, along with his sister, Kim, who drove in from Gainesville to see us.  Good food, great conversations, and an intense game of Bananagrams.  We had a wonderful time together.  I’m so grateful that Eliana has the chance to know two great-grandparents – both who are still vibrant and living life to its fullest.

The weather in Vero Beach was stunning.  60’s and sunny.  Quite a relief from the frigid winter we’ve had in Raleigh.  Despite the chilly winds, we took Eliana to the boardwalk to run to heart’s content and see the ocean.  She had a blast! 

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Winter Wonderland

Christmas Night brought a beautiful gift to the Raleigh area…well, most of the east coast for that matter.  SNOW!  We woke to a winter wonderland the next morning as fluffy white covered everything in sight.  By day’s end, over 8 inches had fallen in the Triangle.  Eliana had a blast playing in the snow!  She was fascinated by the little white specks that kept falling on her nose from the sky.  She couldn’t help but laugh.  What a joy to watch our sweet girl fully experience this winter blessing for the first time.

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